An Easy Course in Programming the HPC and HPC. Front Cover. Ted Wadman, Chris Coffin. Grapevine Publications, – HPC (Calculator). An Easy Course in Programming the HpC and HpC by Ted Wadman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery. An Easy Course in Programming the HpC and HpC (Easy Course Series) book download Ted Wadman and Chris Coffin Download An.

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My father still uses his HP 11c. Although admittedly binary clocks are just showing off, rather than being superior like the other examples I gave.

An Easy Course in Programming the Hp-11C and Hp-15C (Easy Course Series)

By I decided to get an HP This community has historically been amazingly technical. I can second this feature that the RPN prevents to much desire from other people to borrow it but I think it soon needs some new batteries and I vaguely remember of having them changed once already in the past.

I got mine my first semester of grad school because it did linear regression; I thought it was sent from Heaven.

I keep my favorite constants in various locations and use for temporary storage. And let the bidding wars begin! I brought a 42S years later when the 15C was temporarily lost — wrong form factor, lightweight and fragile in comparison with the 15C. In this event, there may be a slight delay in shipping and possible variation in description.

The clock rate of the series is slower than the 41 in order to save power and and all are in the KHz range which was slow even in its day which was typically MHz x ; compare than with GHz today — x. I never had one of these and regret it, because I already had a TI programmable calculator and was too cheap to spring for another. You can already run Mathematica from any location as follows.


I practically wore out the keys doing calculations related to a chip progrwmming we were having prrogramming particles causing memory errors.

The buttons are large and well separated, and there are no more or no fewer than you could want. The design of this family actually dates back to the mids yet the business brother of the 15C, the 12C, has remained in production. Unfortunately, by now it also has a few faulty pixels. Google Maps knows where you are! Find Rare Books Book Value.

You buy one of these handheld computers with internet connection. I need to change the batteries every few years.

When HP was still an electrical engineering company. First is the form factor.

Don’t let a few small mistakes erode the value of your growing book collection. Our Day return guarantee still applies. I have a HP 10C, quite similar to the 15C except maybe for the battery which has to be changed every years.

I still do…but HP won in lrogramming end. This could be disabled to save memory, which was limited, especially since the other innovation was that matrix arithmetic commands were provided. More great sites from Kalmbach Media: The HPC is simply the finest piece of handheld computing technology ever.

The fact is I never saw one with an empty battery.

Sign up to receive offers and updates: I could operate it in the dark. Later, in high school, my physics teacher, had an HP calculator which could read little magnetic strips: And RPN was utterly natural, allowing rapid-fire calculations. I found that there was nothing that could do complex number calculations better split stack! Much too non-intuitive for simple little me.

  ASTM D1653 PDF

Still my favorite for so many reasons. Log-in or create an account first! To quote their director of supply chains in Click here to have it e-mailed to you.

Advance handbook 15C

World of Science News: I think I replaced its batteries about 5 times over its life, say every 5 years. I learned to program in that calculator when I was in primary school. I own two of these though I only know where one is right now nightstand next to bed. I drove miles to get one of the last ones in stock about I still use it programmong.

On the HPC a second stack which carried anf imaginary parts of four complex numbers was added instead.

I got my first 15C back in high school, and it was the only calculator I used for the next couple of decades. I still have it and it works, although the rechargeable battery pack is long dead. At school, I love when folks ask me to borrow my calculator and gladly let them — for the 30 seconds it takes until they realize they have never even heard of RPN, thr less know how to think in it.