Analox. TM. Carb on. D ioxide. Analyzer. Most walk-in coolers and storage areas do not meet OSHA’s current confined space regulations as they relate to. The Analox Ax50 are a mains powered, infra-red carbon dioxide alarms. Built into an IP65 rated housing, they offer both audible and visual alarm warnings to. Analox AX50 celler portable fixed gas detector for carbon dioxide and oxygen CO2 & O2.

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On board menu help, better accessories for removing water, the BEST service for calibration in the business. VERY rugged and convenient! Sources up to psig with no effort!

Analox Ax50 Carbon Dioxide Detector (with optional oxygen sensor)

The MA generates and controls pressure from vacuum pressures up to psig 20 anslox. With data logging and wireless features, the W gauge can store pressure measurement data in the internal memory or display them on PC through wireless communication. Kestrel Heat Stress Tracker Price: No need to stop a test to analyze data on a PC.


High accuracy digital pressure gauge. All units offer similar features.

It features a large, backlit LCD display panel, which is easyto- read even in well-lit areas. Self-contained, rechargeable, N2 bottle with 15 C. Shock Resistant, water resistant, Datalogging capable.

Single Black Body Infrared IR Calibrators are designed for easy and reliable testing of almost any in-line or handheld infrared pyrometer. Shelby Jones Can Testing 2. Ranges available from vacuum to 16 psig to 0 to 5, psig.

The smallest, lightest and most accurate moisture analyzer! Available in single or dual pressure ports.

Counter clockwise needle rotation, shows vacuum being pulled, not pressure increasing. Data logging is a standard feature.


Equipped with a built-in barometric reference, each unit can switch between gauge and absolute pressure types. It’s not just a new pressure calibrator or a new pressure recorder.

The series digital pressure gauges are unmatched in performance and reliability. See Indivual Prices Quantity: Portable Pneumatic Pressure Source. It’s a field calibrator that can display recorded data graphically on a high resolution screen. The Kestrel is revolutionary in size, amalox and capability for those in need of measuring Heat Stress. Intermediate ranges are available by looking at the Range Select feature and choosing your preferences.

  ASTM D6836 PDF

Your cart is empty. The CTC series consists of six different models that differ in temperature ranges and immersion depths. The ETC Series is the ideal dry block temperature calibrator when time is the critical factor and the highest accuracy is not a requirement.

With a built-in high performance electronic pump and precision pressure controller, the series portable automated pressure calibrators provide a turn-key solution for calibration of gauges, transmitters, and switches.