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Are generics and brand-name medicines the same?*

If it causes discomfort or adverse effects, patients stop using the medicine and often do not report this until the following check up. When patients ask about replacing a branded product with its generic counterpart, all we can honestly say as doctors is that the new generic medicine has not been studied, analysed or compared to the original medicine, and so we cannot know whether it will act in a similar way — in other words, whether both medicines are equally effective.

These differences are statistically significant. Each vial of eyedrops was lightly pressed until a drop fell off from a height of 5.

The significantly lower heart rate was caused by reduced systemic absorption, and hence lower serum timolol concentration statistically significant with timolol gellan. The results show that there is a trickle pattern between the different vials studied, since the volume of the droplets ranged from Therefore, we realized that the droplet volume of eyedrop is still considerably high, and that this leads to a waste of the product and increased cost to the manufacturer and the consumer.

The ratio of active compounds of the eyedrops analyzed is presented in table 1. Among these, are changes in suspension homogeneity, occlusion of the eye drop bottle tip and significantly lower concentration of the active ingredient in each drop.

Generic medicines A generic medicine is defined as a product having the same qualitative and quantitative composition in active ingredients, as well as the same pharmaceutical form, as oftalmiccos reference medicine and whose bioequivalence has been shown by adequate bioavailability studies. Bearing all the above in amtiglaucomatosos, a key question arises: The serum timolol concentrations were 0. Temperature affects active ingredient concentration in eye drops. He concludes that concerns about generic medications will only disappear when comparative studies with original medications are promoted and conducted for efficacy, safety and patient comfort.


Considering the therapeutic equivalence of tear solutions, the cost minimization analysis is a simple way of economic evaluation in which only the costs are subjected to comparisons because the efficacy or the effectiveness of the comparable alternatives are equal 11, Such differences may potentially affect both stability and active ingredient release in the eye. The concentration of the active ingredient in blood is then measured to estimate antiglaucomatosow kinetic values.


Therefore, the time between follow-up antkglaucomatosos should be reduced when patients switch to generics to ensure that the new medicine is working adequately and the patient has no complaints.

For proper tilt, a protractor was used as a guide in a reference plane, and in relation to the vial base 3,6.

To determine the mean drop volume produced by artificial tear solutions in different inclination angles and to determine the mean oftalmocos of the treatment. Subjects exercised maximally on a cycle ergometer four times with ten-day intervals. A local or topical action medicine is a product which is applied locally and assumed to act on the site where it is administered.

Thus, changing the preservative and increasing the pH improved the corneal penetration of brimonidine and increased the drug’s antiglaucomatosoos in the aqueous humour.

Are generics and brand-name medicines the same?* |

The IOP was measured at 8 am trough effect and 2 and 8 hours after instillation. Twenty droplets of distilled water counted in the normal dropper at a temperature of 15oC must weigh 1g amtiglaucomatosos. By raising the contact time, these agents reduce nasolacrimal absorption and improve systemic safety. In this case, we are inclined to suggest that oftalmico patient try the generic.

This author underlines that as doctors we cannot know whether the generic product shows a similar or different eye penetration compared to the branded product.


Since the effect is produced in mucous membranes or the skin, plasma concentrations are either not high enough to allow drug levels to be determined or, if high enough, they are too small and irregular.

The authors consider that substituting an original medicine for a generic medicine could be a trial and error process Corneal complications were seen after instillation of diclofenac post-operatively after routine ophthalmic procedures.

It is not known whether particulate matter can oftalmmicos clinical repercussions on the ocular surface with normal use. However, it is worth considering that each product has its particularities and individual characteristics that may lead to a need for greater or lesser frequency of application. To the typical, expectable question: Corneal contact time is different for both medications, as well as inactive excipients and preservative concentrations.

While some patients tolerate eye drop switches with minimal discomfort, others are extremely sensitive and can report small changes associated with preservatives, pH, tonicity or other components.

There were no significant differences in the incidence of conjunctival hyperaemia or of any other adverse effect. Suspensions, gels, emulsions and eye ointments, unlike solutions, can change significantly according to the manufacturing process spraying, particle size distribution or mixing ordereven though active and inactive components are quantitatively and qualitatively the same.

In the absence of comparative studies between the brand-name and the generic medication, FDA classified the generic formulation of the timolol maleate gel forming solution Falcon Laboratories as ABalthough the products are formulated with different slow-release gel vehicles. Noecker and Simmons 19 adopt different positions according to the patient’s clinical status:. J Ocul Pharmacol Ther. The timolol-dorzolamide combination in both brand-name and generic medications is relatively resistant to oftwlmicos.