Antz Novie Script by Todd Alcott Chris Weitz Paul Weitz – Screenplay and Movie Scripts. Movie Script – A N T Z . One worker ants slips, and the boulder rolls down, crushing his leg. Z looks back, and sees the ants behind staring at him angrily. Antz. Script Library >> Antz. Synopsis: A rather neurotic ant tries to break from his Writer(s): Todd Alcott (screenplay), Chris Weitz (screenplay), 1 more credit?.

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That’s why he ran away. Ten minutes and we’re out of here. We already have a queen.

That damn Michael Eisner! A dream of a proud colony. Anybody who doesn’t meet his quota is going to be downsized. We got royal inspection coming up.

Talking back like that. Make certain the digging crew stays on schedule Look, t-the trick is not to panic. Remember Z from the bar? Don’t you get it?


Antz (1998) Movie Script

Rate it and leave a comment: But now, you’re a war hero. They’re desperate for more foraging territory. Oh, I don’t get out much. She must be returned to take her proper place as queen.

Well, actually, the truth is, I-I generally just make belittling comments I just got a better offer. Here they come to rescue me screenolay kill you. I’ll– I’m gonna let him off this time. It’s not my job. Just climb up that tree and find out where I am.

Antz: The Abridged Script | The Editing Room

Get me out of here! Uh, in fact, sir, there is time right now for a personal moment. I guess you’d have to call me a Renaissance ant.

You’re not gonna let a little near-death experience ruin your mood, are you? I mean, think about it. I’ve gotta go back for her.

Screenplay Library

I’m screenpkay ask one of these workers to dance with me. I’m supposed to do everything for the colony. I mean, it was all horrible.


I’ll tell you why.

What’d you do, talk those termites to death? You pick it up again. I– You know, I don’t think he ever once in his life Do you really want to be Mrs. Well, actually, to tell you the truth, I’m sort of making it up.

Screenplay Library

Gee, I think I’m about to become the strong, silent type. It’s about us– the team. You have to help me. Let’s face it, you’re– you’re– [ Clears Throat ] you’re beautiful.

I know you will all do you duty.

The private has asked me to convey his most humble appreciation. We don’t seem to have anything in common.