About the Book: It is one of the most important works of Shankaracharya on Advaita philosophy. The central theme of the book is the identity of the individual self. APAROKSHANUBHUTI by SRI ADI SHANKARACHARYA – 1. I bow down to Him – to Sri Hari (the destroyer of ignorance), the Supreme Bliss. Aparokshanubhuti. Self-Realization by Shankaracharya. Reference Texts. Swami Vimuktananda – Aparokshanubhuti · Devanagari Script. Video/Audio Talks and.

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Although a considerable portion of the Vedic texts are dedicated to cosmology one is particularly impressed by the wealth of information apafokshanubhuti the mind and its many states of consciousness. Just as a thing made of gold ever has the nature of gold, so also a being born of Brahman has always the nature shankaracharyq Brahman. Who is its creator?

The real nature of the rope being known, the appearance of the snake no longer persists; so the substratum being known, the phenomenal world disappears completely.

Verify the characters on the left From: The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad says that the Self is partless. When thinking of the void it becomes void, whereas by the thought of the Self it becomes perfect because the Self is perfect. As a result of this meditation a state of continual awareness of the Self arises in the pure minded. Such realization, unlike the knowledge of objects through sense-perception or inference, is an immediate and direct perception of one’s own Self, which is here indicated aparoskhanubhuti the word.

Desire is the thought that if object X is attained it apadokshanubhuti make me happy. This, to give an alternate definition, may also be termed silence known among the sages as congenital.


Atman is verily one and without parts, whereas the body consists of many parts; and yet the people see confound these two as one! Implicit faith in the words of the Vedas and the teachers who interpret them is known as Shraddha, and concentration of aparokshanubhuhi mind on the only object Sat shankaracnarya. The wise should always think with great care of the invisible, the visible, and everything else, as his own Self which is consciousness itself.

Stories of wish fulfilling mother. Of what material is this world made?

Aparokshanubhuti – Self-Realization – Shankaracharya | Vedanta Hub

Those pursuing liberation should never be without the thought of the Self. Anubhuti means to realize, to experience.

There are other texts, particularly the Bhagavad Gita, that address the doer and discuss karma in detail. I was very pleased with the meticulous method of shipping. In that state when one realizes all as identified with the Atman, there arises neither delusion nor sorrow, in consequence of the absence of duality.

It also states that the Self is self luminous. When one is identified with the Self there is no delusion or sorrow.

So how can the body which is inert insentient and illumined by an external agent be the Purusha? Buddhism, meditation, is essentially a yogic path. Verses to deal specially with the fifteen stages through which the seeker after Truth passes- which, by the way, are similar to those experienced by a Raja-Yogin: People perform all their actions in and aparokshaubhuti Brahman, but on account of ignorance they are not aware of thatjust as through ignorance persons do not know that jars and other earthenwares are nothing but earth.


The Atman that is absolute existence and knowledge cannot be realized without constant practice. Just as a person through confusion loses all distinction between the different points of the compass, so does one, etc.

Never Not Present

Unless this belief is destroyed by the truth it will never realize the Self. Are they merely the fantasies of light headed mystics or the speculations of philosophers?

Just as the consciousness of earth forces itself upon our mind while thinking of a jar, so also does the idea of ever-shining Brahman flash on us while contemplating on the phenomenal world. Based on your browsing history.

The shankaaracharya for inquiry listed above and the teachings of Vedanta are the shankarachafya for Self knowledge. Just as earth is the material cause of a pot, Awareness is the material cause of ignorance and the thoughts it produces.

Those in whom these means are highly developed should constantly desire Self knowledge for their own good. Just as a person out of confusion perceives only the snake leaving aside the rope, so does an ignorant person see only the phenomenal world without knowing the reality.

An earthen pot is usually aparokshanjbhuti a pot even though it is just earth. Longest Lunar Eclipse of Century: Shankara suggests a simpler and more effective way.

The continuous flow the Self thought to the exclusion of all other thoughts is called Niyama.