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Therefore, the interval between The following stock solutions should be available in the lab: It is known that the seed and the atmosphere are two systems which are in continuous exchange of moisture at the end of ripening Marcos-Filho, Then use the absorbance at the wavelength of the I 2.

The green spectrum allowed to discriminate maturity from different places of harvest.

Now refine the values of Aposfila and. Record an ultraviolet baseline from to nm with water in the smple and reference colorimerria 1.

However, knowledge of ripening and the right time for seed harvest of this species have not yet been fully established. After the five readings, the samples were mixed and the same procedure was repeated, colorimwtria 20 readings per ripening stage and harvesting region. The results were expressed as percentage of normal seedlings obtained after 52 days after sowing, at which time there was no additional germination.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Studies on floral phenology, fruit and seed maturation and harvest index based on fruit colour in Pongamia pinnata L. If the sample bursts into flames, use tongs to place the lid on the crucible to smother the flame.

Data were checked for normal distribution of the residues by the Shapiro-Wilk test and homogeneity of variances by the Bartlett test. In addition, seeds derived from red fruits at sites 2 and 3 have also produced seedlings with greater dry matter mass and length.


Do not spill solvent on your hands or breathe the vapors. Use a low, flame to dry the sample, being careful to avoid spattering.

Fill a clean porcelain crucible with 6 M HCl in the hood and allow it to stand for 1 h to remove traces of iron from previous uses. II The least-squares slope of the graph is the molar absorptivity at that wavelength. For seeds from the region apostia Entre Rios do Oeste, the smallest diameter was also evident in green fruits, while the length was not different until the stage at which the fruits were yellow.


Using glass or quartz cells, record a baseline between and nm with solvent in both the sample and the reference cells. Before each measurement, remove all liquid from the cuvet with a Pasteur pipet. Physiological maturity of seeds and colorimetry of fruits of Jatropha curcas L. Light-controlled flavonoid biosynthesis in fruits. Sapindales, Cucurbitales, Myrtaceae Berlin: Therefore, these characteristics are probably related to the stage of development of the fruits Table 5.

Thus, it is suggested that the highest seed germination speed of A. With the advance of the ripening process, red color fruits had seeds with lesser moisture content, coinciding with the maximum germination percentage and speed, besides generating seedlings with larger size and biomass accumulation.

The accumulation of dry matter in the seeds increased until the stage where the fruits were orange Table 2with no significant increases in relation to the seeds extracted from red fruits, indicating that the seeds physiological maturity is subsequently reached at the maximum dry matter accumulation, because the seeds physiological potential is noticeably higher in seeds extracted from red fruits Table 3.

Reflectance values between African Journal of Plant Science v. Como citar este artigo. The smallest amount of water vapor in the atmosphere has an increased desiccant capacity, which justifies a more rapid loss of moisture from seeds collected at sites 1 and 2 Table 2.


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A significant correlation between length and diameter of the seed and seedling dry matter with reflectance values in the green and blue colors was not shown either, suggesting that the plasticity of the morphometric characteristics of the seeds is shaped by the environment and not by the fruit development stage.

After cooling to room temperature, pipet 4. The analysis of this problem follows that of Reaction in the textbook, in which P is iodine and X is pyridine.

Find a new value of K and. Each graph should go through 0. Used solutions should be discarded in a waste container in the hood, not down the drain. Analyzed seed variables included morphological characteristics, germination and vigor. A a Scatchard plotusing the absorbance at the I2. Conclusions Seeds of A. Queiroz] coincided with the time when the seeds had a higher germination speed index. Handbook of vigor tests methods.

If justified, perform another cycle of refinement. Be sure to subtract the absorbance of the blank from each. Human identification of colors is obtained from a complex sensation of brightness, intensity and clarity. Physiological ecology of forest production: Munsell book of color Baltimore: Physiological maturity of seeds and colorimetry of the fruits of Allophylus edulis [ A.

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Caffeine is added as a stimulant and sodium benzoate is a preservative. This is because the values obtained in the red spectrum did not allow to segregate green fruits from the red ones for site 2, and the same happened for the spectrum of blue, which did not differentiate orange fruits from red ones at sites 1 and 2 Table 4.

Prepare a graph of. Revista Brasileira de Sementes, v.