Latest APPSC Junior Lecturers (JL) Posts Notification we quoted this upcoming Appsc JL notification as “Mega JL Notification”. We have updated the APPSC JL Syllabus Pdf for candidate’s reference. Therefore, applicants looking for the Syllabus for the Junior Lecturer Posts can. Why this Super APPSC JL Notification is going to process? In our AP a complete of Govt Younger universities are there in that 2 lakh learners are.

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Poorna chandra rao June 4, at 4: Harappan Civilisation — Extent, major cities, Characterstic features, social and economic conditions, script, religious paractices, causes for the decline.

Appsc JL GS Previous papers | JL Previous papers

Special Theory lj Relativity: Medical Officer Homoeopathy Final Result. A huge number of candidates have applied for the exam. First order ordinary differential equations O. Methods of synthesis, reactivity and properties of the following polynuclear aromatic compounds: Senior Resident Doctors Results.

Organisation concept — appc approaches to the study of Organisation. Chemical and Physico-Chemical methods for the elucidation of structures-synthesis and structural elucidation of the following alakaloids — atropine — cocaine – quinene — Narcotine — papaverine.


APPSC Junior Lecturer Recruitment Notification JL Notification | APTEACHERS Website

Quality, addition and subtraction, multiplication of matrices, inverse of a matrices, similarity and unitary transformation Characteristic equation of a matrix Eigen values — Eigen vectors Square, diagonal, unit, symmetric, and skewmatrix-Hermitian and unitary matrix. Trigonometric Fourier series — Evaluation of coefficients — Exponential Fourier series.

Anonymous February 11, at 3: I am completed m. Notivication and reactions Bayers strain theory — Factors affecting stability of conformation — terpenes — citral — gerniol — limonenene — terpinol — pinene and camphor.

Utility analysis and Indifference Curve techniques, Consumer equilibrium, Cost curves and their relationships; equilibrium of a firm under different market structures; pricing of factors of Production. I was seeking this certain info for a very long time. Isotope effect — Franck — Candon Principle. Panchayat Secretary Exam Results.

Assistant Manager Final Result. Mouthparts of Insects, crustacean larvae, parasitisim in crustacea, useful and harmful insects, Metamorphosis in insects. Mallela Venugopal February 17, at 1: Study of Philology — Linguistics and Semantics — Modern period: Novel, Short Story, Drama, Criticism. Sub-Engineers General Merit List.


APPSC Junior Lecturer Recruitment 2017 – 1502 Junior Lecturer (JL) Posts

Implications for financial resources of state government. Finally, the total selection process is for notificatjon. Disease symptoms produced by Bacteria, Fungi, and Viruses. Arshiya October 16, Concept of primitive flower.

Suryanarayana Chodipilli January 7, at 3: History of India — emphasis will be on broad general understanding of the subject in its social, economic, cultural and political aspects notificatino a focus on AP Indian National Movement. Evolution of British paramountcy in India: Concept of Development – Administration and Comparative Administration 4.

As per the notice, officials will conduct the exam as per the schedule.

Common Helminthic parasites of Man — Taenia solium, Schistosoma sp. Chromosomes and their fine structure.