Perhaps try exiting from pdf mode (C-C C-t C-p) and then generating previews ( C-c C-p C-d). I believe that this results in the previews (which are png images. Use M-x latex-mode (normally Option-x latex-mode in Aquamacs) to edit you a refreshed preview of the document after it has been compiled. Previous message (by thread): [OS X TeX] Aquamacs and preview-latex; Next Just to follow up on the problem I reported with preview-latex.

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For quick feedback about any change you made, you can easily toggle between the inline preview and the LaTeX code of an image or formula.

These fonts are nicely rendered with antialiasing. It uses emacs which is included in the standard distribution of Mac OS X, but it diverges severely from the interface Mac users are used to. You can continue editing your document as usual. Features Downloads Support Development.

Features Downloads Support Development. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Editing LaTeX with Aquamacs

If it’s not previeew part of intentions, compile command should be provided with a filename to process. In this zip file I included all the related files I gathered. Unix has a lot of useful command-line tools, such as a2ps, still unsurpassed as a source code formatter. The spell checker is LaTeX-aware: I recently had an issue with displaying previews that I found to be related to using recent versions of ghostscript.


[OS X Emacs] scrolling in Aquamacs 3.4 preview

Your donations keep this project alive. The file menu even has a recent items entry. However, there is a more convenient way to get. Aquamacs offers a range of proportional and mono-spaced fonts to choose from. Aquamacs has a standard Mac menu with entries where you would expect them, and recently used files are available from the File menu. So far no success.

[OS X Emacs] scrolling in Aquamacs preview

You get a menu with recently edited files without any configuration. Your donations keep this project alive. No installation, no setup needed. Aquamacs reads and writes files in all Unicode variants.

General Mac Hints [DokuWiki]

While you’re typing, paren matching will help you close all kinds of parens and brances correctly. A shorter way is to use the shell’s piping.

Also, where is your gs installed? Better is to open the Postscript file in Preview and then print it. It can be downloaded from http: Where is your gs installed? In case of a LaTeX error, you can easily see the error message and the line on which the error occured side by side.


However, I’m not sure aquaamcs the effect of disabling this pdf mode. I believe that this results in the previews which are aquamaacs images by default being generated from dvi rather from pdf.

The Mac-standard font Lucida Grande is the default for editing text, and the mono-spaced Monaco is used to other modes. For example, latexmk -pdf introduction without the extension compile in other previes modes will still be make -k or whatever you’ve assigned to them.

Note that latexmk will run on all tex-files in the current directory. I believe preview-latex uses ghostscript to generate the preview images that are rendered in emacs. Also, the font size and weight of subsections varies according to their nesting.

Check the docs for options applicable to your situation, though not loading it does not appear to prevent previews being generated. This does not work well. Note that the coloring goes beyond simply highlighting a predefined set of LaTeX commands.