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Its History, Literature and Influence on Civilization ed. In any case, Goldoni was carrlo interested in theatre from his earliest years, and all attempts to direct his activity into other channels were of no avail; his toys were puppets, and his books, plays.

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Wikisource carl original text related to this article: The first was the result of careful study and strict observance of Aristotelian rules, but possessing none of the qualities sought for by the public. He enjoyed considerable popularity in France; when he retired to Versaillesthe King gave him a pension. To suppress the last of these forms the great comedian devoted his utmost efforts, but though he succeeded partially, and for a time, the task was beyond him; for arlequinn the arlequij of masks was the real dramatic life of the nation, and though, except in the hands of Gozzi, it never assumed the form of dramatic literature, it was transplanted into several European nations in the costume of Harlequin, Columbine and Pantaloon.

In his father matriculated him into the stern Collegio Ghislieri in Paviawhich imposed the tonsure and monastic habits on its students.


His comedies are repeatedly given by companies of celebrated actors. After his move to France, his position became clearer, as his plays took on a clear anti-clerical tone and often satirized the hypocrisy of monks and of the Church. During this period he also wrote librettos for opera seria and served for a time as literary director of the San Giovanni GrisostomoVenice’s most distinguished opera house.

This may be surprising, considering his staunch Catholic upbringing.

Goldoni gave to his country a classical form, which, though it has since been cultivated, has yet to be cultivated by a master. His works include arlequij of italys most famous and bestloved plays.

La Locandiera Arlequin, valet de deux maîtres, Carlo Goldoni – Le Grand Méchant Livre

Le smanie della villeggiatura, Le avventure della villeggiatura, and Il ritorno dalla villeggiatura – Translated by Robert Cornthwaite.

Goldoni was inspired by his love of humanity and the admiration he had for his fellow men. Notwithstanding that his works became extremely popular in Italy, he could never be induced to revisit his native land.

In his Memoirs Goldoni amply discusses the state of Italian comedy when he began writing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Goldoni wants the French writer’s overpowering comic force, and is happier in “catching the manners living as they rise” than in laying bare the depths of the heart.

List of works by Carlo Goldoni – Wikipedia

Goldoni returned with her to Venice, where he stayed until Wit, gayety, elegance, simplicity, truth to nature, skill in dramatic construction, render goleoni nevertheless a most delightful writer, and his fame is the more assured from his position as his country’s sole eminent representative in the region of polite comedy. At that time, Italian comedy revolved around the conventionality of the Commedia dell’arteor improvised comedy.


Though he wrote in French and Italian, his plays make rich use of the Venetian languageregional vernacular, and colloquialisms. Translated by John Blackedited by William A. Three Comedies – Translated by Antony Oldcorn.

He spent the rest of his life in France, composing most of his plays in French and writing his memoirs in that language. Scroll down to the bottom for a list of Goldoni’s goldoin. He wrote goldohi tragedies for a time, but he was not long in discovering that his bent was for comedy. This above biography is from The Drama: Goldoni’s plays that were written while he was still in Italy ignore religious and ecclesiastical subjects.

List of works by Carlo Goldoni

Submitting it to Count Prata, director of the opera, he was told that his piece “was composed with due regard for the rules of Aristotle and Horacebut not according to those laid down for the Italian drama.

Secret Sharers in Italian Comedy: It was reserved for xarlo goldoni to effect the dramatic revolution so frequently attempted by men whose talents were unequal to the task. A Biography by H.

Goldoni’s next attempt was more successful, though of its success he afterward professed himself ashamed. This style was typified in La Donna di garbothe first Italian comedy caro its kind. He had already begun writing at this time and, in his third year, he composed a libellous poem Il colosso in which he ridiculed the daughters of certain Pavian families.

The play was a critical and financial failure.