John Steakley’s ARMOR (, Daw) is regarded, in many ways, as a companion to Heinlein’s STARSHIP TROOPERS. In interviews given at. John Steakley only published two relatively obscure novels in his life. The first, published in , was Armor, and while taking clear inspiration. The military sci-fi classic of courage on a dangerous alien planet The planet is called Banshee. The air is unbreathable, the water is poisonous. It is.

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More than one protagonist is usually workable. Felix is the ultimate soldier in his Armorwreaking havoc on the hordes of enemy 1, “ants” that attack any military landing on the planet.

For months I kept an eye open for it until finally it had been re-issued as a classic. Most negative reviewers will hold one of the other two books up as a Holy Grail of combat sci-fi.

Sep 21, Eric Franks rated it it was amazing. June 3, at They simply want to beat you up. This is The Forever Warwith that book’s decades of battles condensed into one year.

April 3, at 1: Jack Crow is a notorious celebrity and one-time pirate. Not in an effort to steal, but as a compliment steaklye Borrowing a scenario he loved and using it to explore a different idea. Sound like a winner to you? John Steakley, born in Cleburne, Texas was best known for his science fiction writing.

Almost everybody agrees that the ending rocks, even the detractors. In the same way, Felix survives the absurdities of war, and they hate him for it, because they wouldn’t armkr and survive as well as Felix did in the same circumstances.

It’s the best of the last of your choices. A woman vomits at the breakfast-line right in front of As I finished Armor by John Steakley this morning, I laughed a laughter from the depths of me.

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Retro review: ARMOR by John Steakley | Jamie Sawyer

The machine, the monster, that lies within every man, and how he can choose to champion it, or let it destroy him. Then there is the depiction of the fighting done by Felix. Lewis is then revealed to be Felix, who dons the black scout armor once more to fend off the attackers. On Coming Back June Ragnarok: I’ll be honest, Crow really slowed things down for me and gave me second thoughts about the entire armod. Troops were badmouthed and smeared.

This is one of the great tragedies. First edition cover art by James Gurney.

Alternate cover edition can be found here. You might know it as a large retailer now; as large as a Brazilian river! He destroys Borglyn’s forces and attempts to attack his ship. If you are a grammar Nazi, you’ll probably hate this book.

July 25, at 9: I did find my interest waning a bit during our first encounter with Jack but that picks back up quickly and continues to spin out an interesting story. I would call it a deep space opera. The book is fantastic, one of my all time favourites. This is a fascinating novel. He’s an author that is ready for a resurgence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nov 18, Scott rated it liked it Shelves: I want it just as bad as you do, just thought it would have happened by now.

Does anyone know if the recently-deceased author of ArmorJohn Steakley, left behind any notes or outlines of a sequel? One follows Felix, a soldier fighting against alien creatures known as “ants” on a planet known as Banshee, and the other storyline — which begins abruptly about a quarter of the way through and continues until the final quarter — follows a criminal named Jack Crow.


This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. There were points where the editing was abysmal, and I’m not just talking about the occasional typo. Rather than third-person with Felix, we are stuck in first-person with Jack Crow, a sociopath whose first act is to kill an innocent man. Oct 24, Phil rated it it was amazing.

Armor (novel) – Wikipedia

Jack is fascinated by a black scout suit he finds and he carries it to the research lab as a gift to Hollis, the scientist who runs the lab. Do I go out and read it now, or save it, knowing it’s the last new Steakley I will ever read? So why was I so anxious to finish it and move on to something else? Why was there never any support from the air?

Forgotten Authors: Why John Steakley’s ‘Armor’ and ‘Vampire$’ are Worth Remembering

From beginning to end, you won’t regret it. Maybe the Steakley family will release Armor 2. May 02, Jerry rated it it was amazing Shelves: Be prepared for large parts of this story to make little sense or be complete mysteries.

A man I never met. A Master’s in English later, he teaches college writing and tells his students the same thing, aarmor, much to their chagrin. The regulars there include some of Mr.

Banshee wants him dead, the gigantic aliens they armkr begin to recognize him, and he is forced to watch as those around him are destroyed one by one.