ASTM D Standard Test Method for Static Coefficient of Friction of Polish- Coated Flooring Surfaces as Measured by the James Machine. Jan 5, The ASTM E slip resistance test standard defines the British pendulum . ASTM D is the basis of the testing of floor “waxes” (floor. Oct 31, ABIC Testing Laboratories, Inc. was authorized to test the following samples of metal floor panels for static coefficient of friction (SCOF).

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Static Coefficient of Friction Measurements

Dry slip resistance is not an indicator of wet slip resistance — in astn they often vary inversely — so valid wet slip resistance testing is often needed. At present the BOTE, modern British pendulum tester, and Tortus are the most useful and reliable floor friction testers to aid in accident prevention. However, the three slip test devices listed above allow the user ample capability for prevention and analysis of slip and fall accidents in almost any situation.

Click here to see a SlipAlert Video Demonstration. Other sensor materials may be substituted for the Neolite for specialized testing. Different slip resistance test methods give c2047 results, particularly under wet conditions. The pendulum is the basis of the Sustainable Slip Resistance standard that has been specified by McDonalds Restaurants since An anti-slip floor or slip resistant floor will be anti-slip for someone who is in motion moving across the floor.

ASTM is an international standards organization that develops and publishes technical standards for a various range of items. The meter itself provides the applied weight on a horizontal surface of the material to be tested.

Measurements can be made in accordance with the following standards, except that the contact area and the applied weight asm differ:.

Slip Resistance Testing Standards in 2018

This physical parameter for electrical connection materials and some mechanical connections is also important. D is unique among slip standards in that it provides a compliance criterion for whether a tested polish film will provide a safe walkway surface and whether the term “slip resistant” can be applied to a polish.


It involves dd2047 James Machine with a leather friction pad measuring static friction, and specifies that all testing must be performed dry.

Here is a video demo of the pendulum slip resistance tester. The Access Board later withdrew this citation, and now provides no suggested test method or safety standard. Dry slip testing can also be useful with or without wet testing. Dry testing — particularly before d20047 alleged accident and on a periodic monitoring basis traction auditing — can help establish that the floor was safe or anti-slip when dry.

See a video demonstration of the BOTE. Static Coefficient Friction is between non-moving surfaces; it can prevent an object or person from sliding down a gradient surface.

The conformance criteria of this test method may be valid for other surfaces and surface coatings tested by this test method, but this has not been substantiated by correlation with experiential data.

In many cases, material surfaces have different local compositions than do the interior axtm the materials and it is the surface composition, along with the surface topography, which plays the critical role in determining the SCOF. The Sigler was invented in the midth century by Percy Sigler of the U. It is a laboratory machine that tests flooring samples and due to its design is not usable on an actual floor.

Walkway traction and the avoidance of slippage has led to a number of standards regarding the recommended static coefficient of friction for the materials used in flooring tiles, polished or painted wood surface flooring, highly textured ramp surface materials, cement walkways, bathroom floors, and pool and patio deck coatings.

Currently, there is only one computerized version in production and four versions of the machine have been created since The x2047 of 0.


Slip Resistance Testing Standards in | Safety Direct America

It is the most widely used pedestrian slip resistance test method worldwide. With more than a half-century of consistently predictable and accurate testing results behind it, the ASTM D standard continues to be the go-to standard for the floor polish industry, including their manufacturers, material suppliers and s2047 users of floor polish.

Test results are usually quoted as Pendulum Test Values to avoid the confusion that results when different devices are used to give different values of coefficient of friction. If the floor is likely to be lubricated with water, grease, etc. Referenced D2407 purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard. The Brungraber Mark uses an angle that is set to a certain degree and a 10 pound weight is released.

Link to Active This link will always 2d047 to the current Active version of the standard.

ASTM Standards/Tests for Coefficient of Friction | SlipNOT®

Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. It should be noted that some surfaces have a strong directional dependence on the SCOF. Again, the James Machine is measuring static COF, which is the measure of how slippery a floor is when someone is standing still on it. While conformance with D and its compliance criterion is a primary requirement for polished floor safety, regular, routine maintenance is also an important part of pedestrian safety.

ASTM Standards and Tests for Coefficient of Friction Designed for applications where safety, durability, and longevity are vital for industrial and commercial environments.

The average value is then used to determine if the SCOF is adequately high for a safe walking surface.