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Designation: D – 07Standard Guide for Painting Inspectors (Metal Substrates)1 This. Buy ASTM D GUIDE FOR PAINTING INSPECTORS (METAL SUBSTRATES) from SAI Global. ASTM D – Designation: D – 00 Standard Guide for Painting Inspectors (Metal Substrates.

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Any solvents left in the equipment should be completely removed before applying coating to the surface being painted. Many factors are important in ensuring proper application of coatings. This standard is subject to revision at any time by the responsible technical committee and must be reviewed every?

Current edition approved June 10, For additional helpful information, refer to the following documents: The method is also described in SSPC-PA 2, which includes instructions on the number of measurements for different areas and tolerances on the required? Deposits of salt such as chlorides and sulfates should be removed, or longterm coating performance will be seriously affected.

It includes the key elements of surface preparation, coatings application, and final approval for both field and shop work. These include oil, grease, soil, weld splatter, and slag, which make it impossible to obtain proper adhesion to the metal surface 5.

Details of the many steps involved in proper coatings application should be recorded Section 4. For large jobs it is recommended that before work starts, an d33276 steel sample of adequate size be blasted to the satisfaction of the ashm engineer.

Cleaning and Preparation of Various Surfaces. Continue to monitor temperature and humidity conditions 8.

Equation shown in 6. A relatively inexpensive balance having a sensitivity of 0. Short nap rollers give a smoother?

When the existing coating contains regulated heavy metals such as lead or chromium, or other regulated compounds such as organotin, special precautions and handling of debris may be necessary. These include oil, grease, soil, weld spatter, and slag, that make it impossible to obtain proper adhesion to the metal surface. The application of coating to spot-cleaned areas should overlap the old, adjacent coating to a slight extent to ensure full coverage of the cleaned areas.


Commercial Grade Power Tool Cleaning. Edges and corners of all metal work, nut heads, bolts and nuts, and all individual members, bars, shapes, and plates should be striped by brush painting in advance of the application of coating to other parts.

The solvent is applied to the surface by wiping or scrubbing with rags or brushes. If the value is low compared to the paint speci? Coarser abrasives generally produce a coarser and deeper pro? This also serves to remove abrasive from pockets and corners. Film defects, voids, etc. Recoat Times observed Reblasting will be necessary on any surface if rust bloom forms before coating can be applied.

If it is felt that the skins are thick enough to have a practical effect on the aatm, the remaining paint should not be used until it has been tested and found to be satisfactory. All dust, dirt, oil, grease, moisture, soot, tar, or other contaminants should be removed from unpainted surfaces.

However, compliance with the speci? Sampling of Thinned Coating. The equipment should be kept in a suitably clean condition to permit proper coating application without d32276 dirt, dried coating, and other foreign materials in the? For most coatings the time to dry for recoat, even under optimum conditions varies with their composition and that of the subsequent coat.

Visual observation and clean white rag 3.

ASTM D – 15e1 Standard Guide for Painting Inspectors (Metal Substrates)

Abrasive, dirt, or other debris that becomes embedded in the asmt SSPC-Vis 3 is a visual standard to assist in determining compliance. NOK 1 ,00 excl. As the contents warm up, the excess escapes through the hole and is removed. Too high a storage temperature reduces the shelf life of the coating. Some aastm are considered dry for recoating when the next coat can be applied without the development of any detrimental? See Guide D for establishing procedures to certify inspectors for coatings work in nuclear facilities.

  BS EN 62305-4 PDF

Chloride from deicing salts or a marine environment, and sulfate contamination from air pollution have been recognized as main factors in premature breakdown of aetm coating systems. Steel Structures Painting Council Publications. The minimum treatment for aluminum is Type B, Method 3 of Practices Dwhich describes the use of an alcoholic phosphoric acid cleaner. Drying and Curing Times.

Your comments will receive careful consideration at a meeting of the responsible technical committee, which you may attend. Blasting debris that accumulates on horizontal surfaces should be removed. A checklist for use in the? On lead removal projects, inspectors should be familiar with OSHA requirements for their own health and safety. This guide may be used by specification writers when selecting and establishing the inspection requirements for coating and lining specifications.

The details are covered in this guide 8.

ASTM D3276:15

It is then withdrawn perpendicularly without a 3d276 movement. The surface should be dried or allowed to dry before coating. The inspector of maintenance repainting should be alert for several conditions not encountered in the painting of new work. Recycled abrasive test 4. Dry blast cleaning operations should not be conducted on surfaces that will be wet after blasting and before painting.