Free download of asus k42jc user manual. troubleshooting help from experts and users. ask our large community for support.. Asus laptop k42j manual. Asus laptop k42j manual – umbooksdownload download asus replacement laptop batteries asus notebook battery pdf || download replace. Asus K42J Can’t Power On Because HDD Broken

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Is it alright if I keep on restarting the cmos forever?

Asus K42JC Manuals

Anyone have a guide how how to replace the DC jack? On the following picture asuss connector is shown in unlocked position. I want to sell the laptop but without the covers it just looks bad. Thanks so much for you help!

I wish to upgrade the processor to an i7 M and increase the memory to 8GB.

When I Skype I am upside down. Grim, to answer your question, you need to remove the half round hinge covers first then remove the screw on each hinge. I urgently need to replace the touchpad on this model laptop…I have disassembled up until the end of your tutorial but something is still catching and I am at a bit of a loss and do not want to break anything??

How do I replace??? Common Problems And Solutions Thanks for your guide!

Recovering Your K42h Pc Colored Hot Keys They are for different laptop models but they are very similar. Then the wifi stopped working. Sorry for my bad english.


Until two weeks ago it was working find. I really cannot tell because your cover is a little bit different.

Asus K42JC Manuals

Also do you have any idea where to find a service manual? In k61 bottom cover has one more screw under hard drive cover. Introducing The Notebook Pc Which one is the motherboard? Notes For This Manual But uhm, I feel like this might be a stupid question but… Which one aasus the motherboard?

Remove keyboard as it shown in this guide. Nordic Lithium Cautions for Lithium-ion Batteries Thank you, great help.

How to Restore an ASUS Laptop to the Factory Settings

Limitation Of Liability Model asus manyal Thank you, the instructions and photos were great, and it worked for me. If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site. Take a look at this picture:.

Hallo, Could you give a picture or a solutions for clear cmos…. Using Recovery Partition Thanks so much — I was trawling the net for ages about to give up when I found this page. And possibly a suggestion on where to buy parts? Tips The first option in Step 3 will only delete the first partition and all other partitions will not be affected; the last two options will erase all msnual.

Ul Safety Notices Remove screws located under the asua. Here is link mznual pictures of my ASUS so please look, and if you have any idea let me know. Preparing Your Notebook Pc I get no display at all. Removing the back cover is not enough. Although we endeavor to present the most accurate and comprehensive information at the time of publication, we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.


If you have an easy access to the fan as shown in this tutorialsimply remove the cover and blow air directly into the fan. Fortunately, some of the steps are very identical and everything went fine. Take a look at this picture: I put it mostly all back together and exited the BIOS but it did not power on and is dead again. Accessed 30 December Thank you very much, it helped a lot!

Thanks for your great site. Press “Enter” when Windows Boot Manager appears. Separate the top cover assembly from the bottom cover. European Union Eco-label I figured I should post my findings here incase anyone else comes across a similair problem in the future. Ben, I was just wondering whether you could please provide instruction on how to replace the LCD screen on this model laptop.