Autoduel Quarterly #4/2 – Autoduel Quarterly Issue 4/2 was published in the summer of The issue featured Designer’s Notes for the new. Autoduel Quarterly. Vol. 9, No. 1 – Spring HTMLized by Michael Panitz. Contents. Rules and Regulations for AADA-Sanctioned Tournament Combat. The Driver’s Seat. By Scott D. Haring. I sit here at the typewriter thinking, “Didn’t I just do one of these last week?” Actually, it’s been three months. time flies when.

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Warehouse 23 – Autoduel Quarterly #3/1

After all, it’s your game. As the game became more popular, there were a series of increasingly more expensive and elaborate editions. Views Read Edit View history. It was first published in At the height of the game’s popularity, many gaming conventions and gaming clubs sponsored Car Wars tournaments where finalist players could win real world prizes. AI Game Engine Programming.

Autoduel Quarterly | Periodical | RPGGeek

Retrieved from ” https: The exception, of course, is when I specifically say in print something is or is not “official” – and I’ll try to make sure there’s no confusion on this point in the future. Board games introduced in Car Wars Charles S. But that’s not good enough for some.

The Card Game Capsule Review “. Autodueel using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This article is about the Car Quarteryl combat simulation game.

Many game sessions consist of players taking their cars through many successive arena-style quagterly, upgrading their cars between each round. If a particular gaming group decided to start making available a “Death Ray” – 1 space, 50 lbs. At this larger scale, players can use miniature toy vehicles such as Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars, S gauge model railroading scenery, or 28mmmm scale wargaming miniatures.


In this alternative future, natural resources are severely depleted and the United States government nationalized oil production. A game in which players come and go, like a campaign at a gaming club, can’t afford to re-argue each point for every new player.

There were also a series of six gamebooks based in the Car Wars universe, where a player could make choices for the protagonist to affect the outcome of the story. It was started by Steve Jackson Games who supported the club with a quarterly magazine called Autoduel Quarterly. And those are the exceptions. Car Wars uses a number of standard six-sided dice to determine the outcomes of weapon fire, damage and vehicle control during the game. As things began to recover, the organized sport of “autodueling” was born as a form of armed demolition derbies.

Within any number of settings, the players then direct their vehicles in combat. Car Wars is set 50 years after the publication dates of the various books. As part of movement players may attempt turns and other maneuvers of increasing difficulty.

I sit here at the typewriter thinking, “Didn’t I just do one of these last week?

For most games quarteerly a constant group of friends, the rules we publish quarteerly be treated like Holy Writ – or they can be changed top to bottom to suit your desires.

Players do not roll for initiative which is common in other combat games, instead, quartery phase, a vehicle moves a number of inches determined by the vehicle’s speed and players may fire weapons on any phase as long as they have line-of-sight with a target of their choosing.

After these wars, there are years of worldwide economic crisis, and related global unrest, during which “death sports” become a popular form of entertainment. Neither of these situations requires anything to be “official. The game is played in turns, where each turn represents one second of real time. While the core of the original Car Wars was a boardgame, the supplements allowed it to be extended into a larger game with light role-playing elements.


So be an individual. The letter presented the stats as a “I used it and it’s neat, so why don’t you try it out” sort of thing, and my response was, “Looks good – if anyone wants to include it in their campaign, they can.

The published games use cardstock counters to represent vehicles in qquarterly simulated battle upon printed battlemaps. In VictorMaxx technologies announced plans for a series of gaming centers based on Car Warswith a prototype site to debut in Chicago in Local clubs could also pay a yearly membership fee to be considered “official. So much for individuality Chad Irby and Steve Jackson.

The Driver’s Seat

Some would argue that the rules we write take special care to insure game balance, and that rules and gadgets dreamed up by the players out there are less likely to do that. The products are still in print. Following famine in various parts of the world, there are limited nuclear exchanges between the USSR and the US, but anti-missile systems limit the resulting damage.

Darwin would be proud. So, is the attack dog “official”?