Auxetic textiles comprise a class of extraordinary materials that increase in size when stretched and are being considered in many applications of technical. Read article about Article By L. Preethi & A. Sahana, Auxetic Textiles, Unique Materials That Exhibit Negative Poisson’s Ratio, Auxetic Textiles Possess High. This paper deals with Auxetic textiles that is been developed as a smart materials to meet the high demand in the fields of technical textile. These materials show.

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Production data for the different types of fillet warp knitted fabric are given in Table 1. Figure 20 Sketch of geometrical structure.

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After knitting and allowing some fabric relaxation under standard conditions, the warp knit structures form hexagonal nets. The loop length of 10 cm of Bar 1, 3, 5 and 6 are tested respectively during the knitting process. The arrangement of laterally attached rods in a main chain of LCP is shown in Figure 2a.

There is no doubt that under tension, the lengths of textilees could be changed.

Using a gauge length of The knitted fabric exhibited the auxetic effect when extended in the fabric forming direction. All samples were initially three inches, or 7. In addition, the length of each rib side of the fabric can be easily deformed under loading.


As there are several rows of face stitch and then several rows of reverse stitch in the structure purl rib.

The number of courses and wales per unit length are obtained by using a counting glass. Innovative three-dimensional fabric structure with negative poisson’s ratio for composite reinforcement. This difficult opening behavior can reduce the auxetic effect of the fabrics and increase their differences with the theoretical calculation auxrtic. It can be observed that the width increased as the length increases in response to the applied force along the length of the fibre. Liquid crystalline polymers as potential auxetic materials: Therefore, the DHY yarns should be woven out of register to maximise the auxetic behaviour.

Auxetic fabrics can also be used in the healthcare industry for medical sutures and dental floss. Acta Metallurgica Et Materialia. In contrast to most conventional textlies, auxetic materials possess the property that becomes fatter when stretched and narrower when compressed as shown in Figure 1. The auxetic effect in the composite is likely to be due to the extra constraint provided by the additional layers of DHY textile network.

The diagonal ribs bc, cd, ef and fa move to the horizontal disposition, which is perpendicular to the stretch direction. The spike in the graph appeared is due to vibration of the camera equipment used in the video extensometry. The auxetic effect is produced due to hinging as auxetiic in Figure 18aleading to opening of the network of arrowheads.


A folded structure can be unfolded when stretched in one direction this principle was used to create a range of weft knitted auxetic fabrics. The knitting pattern is shown in Figure 12a. Therefore, a simple geometrical model with rigid rectangles cannot be used to predict the auxetic effect of auxeyic kind of the fabric. The first guide bar which forms the base loops has a full drawing-in and the second guide bar which forms the inlay structure has an incomplete drawing-in.

Auxetic textiles.

It was found that the calculated results from the geometric analysis are close to the experiment ones, except in the initial extension stage where the variation trends between the experiment and calculation are opposite.

After 20h, heating was discontinued and the fabric samples were allowed to cool under full pressure for another 4 h up auxetjc the ambient temperature, i.

Bezazi A, Scarpa F. Attard D, Grima JN. However, in the case of auxetic material, double curvature can be easily zuxetic [ 18 ].

The geometrical model can textules used to predict the auxetic effect of the structure with given structural parameters. The effect of a negative poisson’s ratio on hardness.