Buy Avalon VTsp Class A Mono Tube Channel Strip Limited Edition: Tubes – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Specifically for VOCALS. So anybody who has spent time on GS knows that the ‘s compressor gets hated on fairly routinely, I wonder how. I’ve had my Avalon for years, but used to sing into it without compression, preferring to control dynamics with mic distance. Recently tried it.

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The unit’s discrete internal toroidal power supply avslon powered from any external AC source from to volts. With EQ to SC you make the compressor more sensitive to certain frequencies or band of frequencies. Optical passive attenuator incorporating twin vacuum tubes and stereo link. Marcus Miller M2 5 Transparent Blue 2nd Gen, 5-string electric bass made by Sire, mahogany body, maple neck, c-profile, maple fretboard, scale length mm, nut width 45 mm, 24 medium frets, 2 Marcus Blue humbucker pickups, Marcus heritage-3 electronics Having three inputs available means you can immediately switch the between recording a direct guitar to recording a vocal to processing an already recorded track with the EQ 73s7p compressor.

Alone the compressor does not make me out of the socks, is avaoon little slow and not really 377sp for the money one invests. The manual states that the unit should be powered up for 30 minutes for best sonic performance. The VT uses an all discrete, Class A transistor circuit in the four-band equalizer. Shop Business Hours Directions. This is where you “make up” or “take away” level to achieve your final recording level to tape.

The bypass switch incorporates a sealed silver relay for the most direct signal path. I was playing some Spanish guitar on one of his records one day, and he said here’s what the Avalon sounds like. Avalon Designs is at P. The output avlon control provides a variable control of the overall signal path.


These are other customers’ choices: When the Avaalon to sidechain is engaged, the high-low EQ remains in the audio path for “tone enhancement”.

In operation I used the unit at the upper end of the gain range.

Avalon – VTsp, Specs & Details

As described, the preamp sounds crisp and crisp, assuming you have the right mic. Most members of our service staff are musicians themselves, and therefore excellently qualified to help our customers from the choice of their instruments all the way to maintenance or repairs.

I also use this feature on a bass guitar part in which the particular instrument had uneven output level from one string to the next. In this case the G string was really loud when an open G was played For de-essing, my results were mixed since it is hard to arrive at optimum settings that squashes the S sufficiently yet doesn’t over compressed the rest.

Thomann is the largest qvalon and mail order retailer for musical instruments as well as light and sound equipment worldwide, having about 10m customers in countries and More Thomann Facebook t. As a company, we have one single objective: Or I could say the others were a tinge duller The phase reverse relay is available on all three inputs. I love the 737spp it’s adding to my DAW.

I found the equalizer to be smooth and prefect for vocals but not quite as cranky as I agalon want when recording certain musical instruments such as percussion or drums.

Avalon VT-737SP

You can play the avalln game of juggling threshold settings against preamp input gain settings–they are totally interactive and shape the nature of the compressed sound. My friend recommended it to me. A front panel rotary switch selects between: Our most popular Preamps. Release is also adjustable from ms to 5 seconds.

This gain control is a ganged-pot that sets input level and gain of both dual triode stages together in the cascaded tube mic amplifier.

We do not accept liability for typographical errors or inaccurate information of any kind. Also the EQ is useful and very flexible. The compressor bypass is a sealed silver relay for the most direct signal path. Attack variable 2mS to mS, release variable mS to 5 seconds. This software version can only be purchased under certain conditions defined by the manufacturer!


One look and you’re an instant expert! BoxSan Clemente, CA When you push in the “EQ to SC” switch, the two mid-band sections get routed to the sidechain input of the compressor.

Avalon 737

We have a wide variety of pages giving information and enabling you to contact us before and after your purchase. Feedback Found an error or want to give us feedback about this page? Cheap microphones that emphasize very consonants work less here. W x D x H x x mm, Weight The Compression control adjusts ratio and the “knee” of the slope at the same time.

A total of four Sovtek tubes are used in the unit: Automatically translated Show original.

Avalon Preamps & Channel Strips | eBay

The Bass band’s frequency selection points are: The high and low frequency bands provide the avallon characteristics of an all passive design, while the dual mid bands include variable frequency and switched Q-width selection. The front panel, at first glance, may seem a little busy and complicated but all four processes are grouped in an ordered and logical way.

To begin, the Avalon VT is housed in a stout aluminum avalpn steel, two rack-space cabinet and styled like the rest of the Avalon line with back-lit push button switches and an oval-shaped VU meter.

Our expert departments and workshops allow us to offer you professional advice and rapid maintenance and repair services.

Back To Home Page. Visit his Web site at: A single, continuously variable pre-amp gain control trims the input level for all three inputs: