Babbity Rabbity and her Cackling Stump. Home Things Babbity Rabbity and her Cackling Stump. Commentary. Pensieve (Comments). View 0. Story of Babbity Rabbity Cackling Stump Mum used to read those to me as a kid! The Wizard And The Hopping Pot, Babbity Rabbity And Her. The Horse from Babbity Rabbity and her Cackling Stump.

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The crowd laughs at the King, and the King wants to know why the spell isn’t working. Retrieved from ” http: The Harry Potter Canon. Harry Potter Spelling Reference. The story gives us one of the earliest literary mentions of Animagi when Babbity turns herself into a small rabbit at willas it was first published cackoing of years ago.

Teeter Totter Has absolutely nothing to do with playgrounds. Soon after, an old rabbit appears out of a hole in the stump with a wand in its mouth, revealing that Babbity has been hiding in her Animagus form, and she leaves the kingdom.

Forever after, the statue of Babbitty remains on top of the stump, and no witch or wizard is ever hurt in that kingdom ever again. It reminds me of him too.

I had wondered about how human animagi remain in their animal form, it seems that all to change is physiology after all we know they can’t talk.

So rabvity King makes a proclamation declaring that witches and wizards are protected and that they must not be harmed. The King tells the charlatan he will perform magic in front of a crown the following night, and, if laughed at, he would behead the charlatan. While they perform, the crowd is astonished by the disappearance of a hat and a levitating horse; then, one of the members of the brigade asks if the King can make his dead dog return to life.


In the tales of beedle the bard dumbledored notes on this section clearly state that wands can grow acustomed to certain magic, and evan have some still left inside it. I enjoyed the story, even though I was still a bit taken aback after Bwbbity Heart! Of course, he only tricks raabbity King into believing he can perform magic, while earning a large sum of money in the process.

Babbity Rabbity and her Cackling Stump – The Harry Potter Lexicon

Babbity Rabbity and Her Cackling Stump I found the information on animagi most interesting in this one, as a story it was my least favourite though. The additional transfiguration info was cool, too–although I think anyone who knows her would realized that Minerva McGonnagal wouldn’t use her animagus ability for anything underhanded!

Find all posts by Anhelda. Amused, Babbitty agrees to help out the poor Muggle. Find all posts by Nokel. Find all posts by Lucybird. Maybe I’m just partial to clacking Soon, the Muggle teacher demands money and treasures for his services, and he hides all these objects in his small house.

The King of a faraway land sets up a witch hunt, ridding his dabbity of all magic users, while expressing the desire to learn magic himself.


I found the commentary on this story most interesting, particularly the difference between an Animagus and Transfiguring oneself into an animal. I had not, at the point when I gave Ron that title, I didn’t imagine for a second that I was actually gonna write the story. This wasn’t one of my favorites, but Caxkling enjoyed this story.

Babbity Rabbity and Her Cackling Stump

I kept wondering how the charlatan was going to get out of the situations he got himself into. Babbity was a very clever witch! As the crowd starts to leave, they hear a cackling coming from the stump.

One could speculate he knew since his transformation didn’t work out completely, but he had probably never tried if there was a danger of loosing any idea of raabbity human and how to transform back.

December 4th, Wizard to Muggle Currency Converter. Find all posts by Yoana. She did very well with it. But Dumbledore thinks that either this poetic license on Beedle’s part, or that possibly he, himself, had never seen an animagi, as they are rare.

Babbity runs away and supposedly turns herself into a tree, which the King has chopped down. Posted by aranel on June 7, 5: Posted by matthew from monterey on February 22, 3: Posted by Anonymous on February 22, 3: