Barnbrook Bible, cover, Jonathan Barnbrook’s new book, Barnbrook Bible, ranks amongst the most ambitious personal projects undertaken by any. Buy Barnbrook Bible: The Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook 01 by Jonathan Barnbrook, Kalle Lasn (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. The Barnbrook Bible has 27 ratings and 1 review. Eric said: A nice reminder of why I was initially drawn to graphic design and how I have betrayed these.

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I have no doubt Jonathan wonders about the very same thing. One has to wonder then, if the book will become as dated as the political poster art of the USSR.

Maja rated it it was amazing Mar 21, And I continue NOT to understand what’s so wonderful about doing things out of rage and spite; it beats indifference, but taking the positive route for lack of a better term at this time in the morning has a much stronger chance of actually affecting something. And Yes, barnbbrook design can help facilitate change. Jonathan Barnbrook’s work compelled me to move to england to study graphic design.

Frankly, I would’ve been surprised to see this not titled something like “Bible. The descent into childish insults demonstrates that Jason completely missed the point of my comment.

Barnbrook could make a great deal of money if he harnessed his ability to aestheticize everything he touches. Hannah Dougan rated it it was amazing Nov 27, American foreign policy and global corporatism are his main targets. The typography looks copied stroke for stroke. Had he wanted to, he could have launched himself as the supreme stylist of his generation. I don’t know the man, but from what I saw of him at that conference, he came across as quite humble.

Indeed, much of the output of Barnbrook Studio has sought to provoke design into a deeper and more thoughtful enquiry into our lives – both as citizen and as designer.

Barnbrook Bible: The Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook

It will give you more to judge if anything. And are usually made by those whose are most complicit in sustaining an inequitable and exploitative system.


It’s just that, barnbrpok the end, I find that his book offers nothing more than a bombastic pose for an answer. Courtney marked it as to-read Jun 27, Nevertheless, he opens himself up for critical scrutiny in the way that all good autobiographers do. I have been to see the exhibition and had a brief look through the book.

I admire Jonathan’s work because it is honest and human.

As I said in an email to Jonathan himself, the Hirst book was enormously influential on graphic design trends, Adbusters, too. The defensive ignorance of many of these posts is remarkable. I am glad some people are still trying to create alternative routes and are trying to make something more out of graphic design.

Barnbrook Bible: A Graphic Autobiography: Design Observer

Emalie rated it really liked it Jul 18, Maybe interesting to a very small subset. Graphic design has extremely limited impact on the political process, and while I certainly don’t seek to denigrate it, overstating its effect is foolish. Note that the most negative and vehement responses include key phrases such as “wanker”, “rubbish”, and “bollocks”.

Korhan rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Claims that barnborok design has extremely limited impact on the political process’ though incessant, fail to see the forest for the trees.

Sure, there are a few tropes that he has used multiple times, but even a cursory glance at his work check out Why2K, barnbeook his Damien Hirst monographs reveals a designer who’s willing to do anything to make a point. At least his way is his way. Product Design Designers Commentators Books. Unafraid to express his political viewpoint, Barnbrook has garnered both praise and criticism for releasing subversive typefaces named in a confrontational manner, such as “Manson” after the serial killer that highlight the relationship of words to the letterforms that represent them.

Known for his revolutionary typefaces, Jonathan Barnbrook is the most sought after contemporary graphic designer working across a broad range of disciplines including graphic design, industrial design, typeface design and film.

Barnbrook Bible: the Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook

Strahinja Popovic marked it as to-read Jan 08, Empire” issue, though Barnbrok loved their execution. In the past, revolutionary and oppositional movements have distinguished themselves by shunning formal graphic design because of its links to political and corporate power, and turned instead to more anarchic modes of graphic expression.


Barnbrook is a true artist and we are lucky to have him. I’m surprised at the shock — It’s not a new comparison. His typefaces practically defined a certain period of graphic design. I noticed afterall that they’re starting to thin out It begins with the odd-sounding note of the title and continues inside with Barnbrook’s extensive use of religious symbolism and typographic conventions associated with English religious texts; Eric Gill’s stark red-and-black typographic creed lives on in Barnbrook’s design.

Hardcoverpages. Matthew Wilson added it Jan 06, barbnrook Ant marked it as to-read May 25, Something of the dour moralist Alice Twemlow identifies it as a mixture of “anger, bitterness and melancholy” lingers in the pages of this book. Possibly best known as a result of his collaboration with major figures in the international art scene such as the Saatchi Gallery and Damien Hirst, Barnbrook has won numerous awards for motion graphics for his commercial film work.

Barnbrook Bible: the Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook : Jonathan Barnbrook :

Another graphic design bloodbath of work that is supposedly rebellious as well? Due to the many requests we received, it is barmbrook to be reprinted. The aesthetic flavour of Barnbrook’s work is acutely English. Morphing Ronald MacDonald and Osama Bin Laden into a single iconic character is witty and diverting for about 3 seconds; although perhaps it has a higher purpose which is to infuriate corporate America and Al Qaeda supporters.

But can we have it both ways? Morphing Ronald MacDonald and Osama Bin Laden biblw a single iconic character is witty and diverting for about 3 seconds.