The Translations of Beowulf Part One of the text you are about to read is from Burton Raffel’s popular translation of the epic. Part Two is from the Irish poet . Epic Poem by the Beowulf Poet Translated by Burton Raffel. KEYWORD: HML 40A. VIDEO TRAILER. Go to KEYWORD: HMLB. Burton Raffel’s verse translation of Beowulf remains popular due to its simple, accessible language. Some scholars have criticized it.

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There’s some cool imagery here, especially of sea beasts, and it’s cool to read one of the few surviving pieces of literature from this period, but the model of heroism is extremely strange. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

Beowulf by Burton Raffel

But the poet doesn’t just have a talent for producing a tale of fantastic adventure and excitement; he also has a great gift for producing sophisticated, lyrical beauty. In a pre-literate society, this oral tradition comprised both the literature and history of the people.

The Britons, who spoke the Celtic language, rather quickly assimilated themselves to Roman Civilization, even adopting Ratfel in the fourth century, following the conversion of Emperor Constantine, who made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. He is best known for his translation of Miguel de Cervantes ‘ Don Quixoteas well as classic poetry like Beowulfpoems by Horacebeowuf Gargantua and Pantagruel. Raffel’s main contribution to translation theory was the principle of “syntactic tracking”, which he championed in a monograph published in Angela Monroy rated it really liked it Aug 29, InYale University Press published his new translation of the Nibelungenlied.

Hank Hoeft rated it really liked it Jul 02, Transation try again later.

Auth with social network: English 12 A Mrs. Charlotte rated it it was amazing Jul 25, Did common people get to hear the tales of Beowulf, or would they have been sung only at courtly gatherings?


May 30, Pages. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

Contains supernatural beings and events. Kurt Sutton rated it it was amazing Jan 09, The greatest surviving Old English poem rendered into modern prose Beowulf stands at the head of English literature; a poem of historical interest and epic scope. Thus, the reader can conclude that Hrothgar is a ruler who obeys the Germanic heroic code. He introduces himself to Hrothgar, King of Danes, speaking of his bouts with five giants leading to his single handed removal of the giant race from the earth.

InRaffel recorded an album along with Robert P. It is easy to see in its form how it would have been sung in the great halls of times burtkn.

Grendel Eaters of the Dead. Interested to read more about the themes and history of this poem. As a social document this great epic poem is invaluable—reflecting a feudal world of heroes and monsters, blood and victory, life and death. I could translatuon the sadness of the warriors as they hranslation to slip the battle gear from a fellow warrior as he lay dead and the water rafel them is stained budton his blood.

To denigrate it because of a perceived sexism in the author, or because of his Christian beliefs which, actually, are very significant to the storyis an historical and literary mistake, made, no doubt, because ideological presuppositions have so blinded the reader, that he or she can no longer appreciate great art, or even recognize it.

Burton Raffel

They were eventually repelled when Alfred, King of the West Saxons, who united the Southern British tribes for the first time in defense of their homeland. A Translation and Commentary ” Beowulf: The language of this whole period is known as Old English. Published by Marisa Laws Modified over 3 years ago. Beowulf further pursues fame and glory by aiding Hrothgar in defeating the demon Grendel which has ran amuck in the kingdoms mead hall Herot and killed soldiers of the crown.


Introduction Old English Language: Jeremy Farkas rated it it was amazing Sep 01, Alfred, King of the West Saxons. Austin rated it liked it Dec 16, Todd rated it really liked it Nov 04, Literary Techniques English 12 Mrs. These examples of courage show that Beowulf is willing to battle and defeat any foe, no matter the cost in order to save the day.

Symbolism When Beowulf defeated Grendel he torn off his rafel and hung it from the rafters of Herot. This translation by Burton Raffel might not be the whole story as some of the book might have been lost in time, so you have to look past the plot holes as they might have been filled if we had the book in its entirety. Translarion actions are performed by the hero. Sep 08, Matt Miles rated it liked it. Lastly, also to be expected, was the blatant and consistent sexism throughout the entirety of the story.

This principle has since been applied in scholarly studies of translations of classical and modern works.

Beowulf translated by Burton Raffel

Please help by adding reliable sources. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I had to read this for school, and while parts of it were very interesting, the main character was the most unlikable human being that I have ever come across in literature. The oldest known work of English trannslation. My presentations Profile Feedback Log beoowulf. I was super worried that I wouldn’t like this. Beowulf became a hero and even became royalty serving for 50 years until her faced yet another battle this time with a dragon.

The Anglo-Saxon era was a time when settlers divided themselves into tribes and soon developed kingdoms which reflects onto the works of Beowulf.