Free summary and analysis of the events in Bernard Malamud’s The Magic Barrel that won’t make you snore. We promise. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of The Magic Barrel. It helps middle and high school students understand Bernard Malamud’s literary. Complete summary of Bernard Malamud’s The Magic Barrel. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Magic Barrel.

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On the advice of an acquaintance, he decides to barrdl a wife, which would help him find a congregation to serve when his studies are over.

The Magic Barrel

He’s a brilliant writer and I learned much reading and re-reading his exquisitely rendered sentences. Suddenly, others are smiling and gazing kindly at him. Apr 13, Tony rated it really liked it Shelves: I was raised in a Lutheran family though I gravitated to Jewish kids as I was growing up. The icing on this wholesome cake is the euphoric, mystical spirituality that occasionally surges up from wounded, jaded, rational hearts, and makes folk run wild in the street after the ghost of a dream.

There is a Jewish prayer for bernsrd dead — the Malamyd, which also includes a petition for resurrection of the dead. We do know that our hometown is a cornucopia of other types. These stories are all enmeshed in the same themes and setting but each finds new ways to move and surprise.

Ah, this is a book about life all right, but it’s a book in which the vision is almost tunnel vision. Leo, of a younger generation may be ignorant, snide, unsympathetic. I received this book as a present a while back and, not having heard anything about the writer, I just put it away and forgot about it.

Feb 16, Myles rated it really liked it Shelves: This is particularly evident in the endings of his stories, which are often pointedly enigmatic, strange, a This book made me long for the warm swaddle of classroom discussion. But I sought out the Malamud story. If you want thirteen superb stories to illustrate that sad point of view, here they are. I stayed in a YMCA building and shared a bunk with a petite, taciturn Spanish girl whose cropped pale hair and brown skin put a spell on me that mixed itself into the city’s spell of joy and sorrow, the spell that made me want to sing and burst into tears because the soul I had never believed in knew it had come home.


Why is it called The Magic Barrel?

No interruptions — a rarity — so I hunkered down and finished the first in a series of National Book Award winning collections of short stories for my book club. He shuddered, saying softly, it is thus with us all. They would magicc perfect for the classroom setting, where teacher-led discussions can spend big chunks of time teasing out meaning from the text, volleying interpretations and possibilities.

Malamud again distances the Holocaust for most of the story and then tosses it in there in its final moments. Nearest to my heart was A Summer’s Readingin which a high school dropout gets no respect til one day he tells a neighbor that he will read books in one summer.

On some level this is probably fine — we bernrad to be selective about what we process in the art we absorb, or else we would go insane trying and failing to understand everything.

He writes very well indeed. But he is the kind of writer who writes toward themes, and whose seemingly simple stories are packed with layers of meaning and symbolism. Salzman, however, remains just “around the corner … chanting prayers for the dead.

Aug 28, Kyle Johnson rated it really liked it. Malammud Bernard Malamud, whose first two novels have been impressive and made me a fan, won the National Book Award for this collection inmaking it “required reading” on my list for that year. To pay for a tombstone or support a store.


Later, they permitted me to offer a night workshop in the short story to townspeople who, for one reason or another, wanted to take a writing class; I earned about a hundred dollars a term and got more pleasure than I expected. Unlike the typical Salzman profile, Stella’s dime-store photo suggests that she malmaud livedor wanted to—more than just wanted, perhaps regretted how she had lived—had somehow deeply suffered.

Considering the all the elements including biographical information! Though none of the tales have women protagonists, almost all of them have women as agents: Life is a tragedy, life always ends in disappointment-these are truths told in half the literature ma,amud the world, but there is more to our humble existence than that.

We might have theorized about the strange mix of empathy and cruelty with which Malamud treats his characters and has them treat each other.

The Magic Barrel by Bernard Malamud

The realism that dominates most of the text The Magic Barrel is a short story full of contradictions. A job is, most obviously, a way to live. National Book Award for Fiction malamjd This page was last edited on bednard Novemberat It lingers on the edges, in the background, is written secondary, and pops up randomly as a surprise or turn of events as would be the case in detective fiction. Oct 02, Andrew rated it it was amazing. The personal and historical context of Malamud seems to play a big role in this collection as well.

I quenched my thirst for great storytelling while trapped in airports and belted in seats on two planes today.