Blasphemy is Tehmina Durrani’s novel about the exploitation at the hands of her husband. Many describe the novel to be about “religious” exploitation, however. Tehmina Durrani is a Pakistani author, artist, and activist on women’s and children’s rights. Her first book, “My Feudal Lord”. Book Review: Blasphemy by Tehmina Durrani. Set in South Pakistan, BLASPHEMY – the novel is inspired by a true story of a young girl trapped in the cruelest.

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The events of the boo took place in the s.

She is an illustrious controversial writer catapulted to fame with the publication of her autobiography, My Feudal Lord, She manages to live through it all for 24 years and then when she is finally loosing everything, she is just set free like a miracle. May 19, Ashkin Bladphemy rated it liked it. It won Italy’s prestigious Marissa Bellasario Prize and has been translated into twenty two languages.

The abuse this woman faced was just awful and made me mad enough to want to throw the book across the room. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The days of appeasement were over. The bovel were gross, the crimes were gory and the emotions too disturbing to be imagined being even close to reality.

Unsynchronized Thoughts Book Review: Blasphemy

While I could feel protective and be angry on behalf novell the woman whose husband raped her and forced other men on, I cant bring myself to feel anything for the woman who found pleasure in the same bed and then kept saying her husband forced it on her. For this they have adopt strategies to counter patriarchal values and contradict the marital assumptions responsible for their affliction.


Views Read Edit View history. It did tehmnia her search for tehmiina for the position of women within Islam and made her stand up for women’s rights. Any woman belonging to any section of the society including the most marginalized and durrxni can improve her status and can challenge the so-called male supremacy if she wishes because she has capability and ability to do so.

He wanted nothing to do with him. Durrani depicted a very important issue of the rural Islamic culture, prevailing still today, especially in the sub-continent. Everything bad that can happen to a woman, happe I was very young when I borrowed this book so I actually failed to apprehend the rudiments of it until I re-read it again.

As Yazid, the tyrant of Karbala, never suffered even from a headache, people believed that he was blessed by Allah.

Archived from the original on 15 January But this is blasphemmy wrong and its misinterpretation. From behind it no call for help could be heard. Blasphemy is the tale of Heer. Though almost every page is filled with some new twisted tale, the ruthlessness and the animalistic nature of the Pirs paves the road to how powerless and dependant a community can be.

Posted by Saimah Raza at 1: Her first exhibit, Jovelwas held in He had to reassess his strategy and evolve new tactics to cope with my diffidence. Living in purdah she made up her mind to fight against the age-old conventions tehimna norms prevalent in the society in the name of religion.


She said, “[his actions were] an even bigger case of hypocrisy than my experience with the feudal system.

Tehmina Durrani

She is beaten, humiliated, abused, raped, noel and made to live in the world her husband made for her. What shakes me even more is the cruelty meted out by Heer’s son, who, even upon knowing all her sufferings, refuses to let go of his wild greed for power which came to him after Pir’s demise and further traumatizes her his way. The new women of the sub-continent are now following the trajectory of resistance and empowerment.

May 13, Venkataraghavan Srinivasan durrwni it it was amazing Recommends it for: This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

Blasphemy: a novel – Tehmina Durrani – Google Books

I had developed a look which conveyed defiance and disagreement. Are men really capable of such vulgarity? At that time, as I was beginning to discover Pakistani authors and their work of fiction in English so I paid very little attention to the author’s way of storytelling. The book also delves into a critical approach to the tradition and practice of Nikah Halala. Jul 30, Ayesha U rated it liked it.