Bloodstone: An Epic Dwarven Tale Manual (txt):: Bloodstone is a high fantasy computer role-playing game developed and published by. , Mindcraft Software, Inc. All rights are reserved. The primed matter found in Bloodstone: An Epic. Dwarven Tale package may not be copied, photographed. Bloodstone is a high fantasy role-playing video game developed and published by Mindcraft Software. The game is a prequel to The Magic Candle series.

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But you can stop off at the room just east of the entrance first to pick up Mukora. I hear there’s a patch of herbs southwest of the southernmost bridge; maybe I’ll hide there! So we kicked him out of town. Of course, I can’t sell you any shovels, but I do offer picks and ropes.

Lifa is an ancient Torenian name.

The Morin chieftain resides in Kafari. If you do find him, however, I’m sure he would think the book was really super. Maxon [dialog in character section] [you can ask Maxon to join you] Olga –I seek my husband, Atun. Quite possibly the greatest sport in the world!

Inside Residences Forzo 5, 4 –I’m not sure I like your looks. Set 1 as the lead and form In ages past, the gods gave magnificent treasures to their children. Always trying to take advantage of everyone around you.


Bloodstone: An Epic Dwarven Tale Dos Download

The path curves south then tends east. The beacon to the next level may fool you–you think it’s beyond the beacon, but there are two chambers beyond it. But as chief of the greatest tribe in the land, they are rightfully mine. The ideal girlfriend will play strip chess.

Form your party as follows: I would love to see you in my class tomorrow. El Profundo –Hey hero, the loremaster has some teleportal combinations for you. Knight of Diamonds – The Second Scenario. That is to say, the the more valuable a gem is, the deeper in the caves it was placed. The trapped gods trapped Rohrkhad too! Unless you are in a Sacred Grove, beasts might tear you limb from limb as you rest. You can go south into the portals, then south, to get to the zigzag stair area, or you can cheat with re-formation, which I think has more flair.

What txle here was the senseless slaughter of the dwarven tzle

Bloodstone: An Epic Dwarven Tale FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by ASchultz – GameFAQs

Oh, wait a second, it is a weapon shop. Mirget, properly administered, will make you attack with the strength of three! Scattered throughout the land of Tarq and the surrounding islands are many lost relics.


A bit west and south and a square east of the NW corner you’ll find some treasure if you dig. Do you know how you can tell a good wizard from a bad one? Having a few walkwater spells is a necessity, and you’ll need a lot of restsouls. The teleportal combination used to get to my home is an Otala tile, followed by a Dunha tile and a Henta tile.

When you’re not enjoying a nice brew, journey to the southeast of our town.

Well, actually I don’t get out that much anymore, and besides, it was really my father’s job. Many o’ da bridges to da west are guarded by nasties, and ya may hafta ford da river or go to its source. Journey there only if you have no regard for your life!

Download Bloodstone: An Epic Dwarven Tale

The loremaster has information on teleportals and combinations you can use to zap yourself from place to place. I’m the queen of rumors.

The magic of the Quill is that it always has dye.