Infinity Blade: Awakening – Kindle edition by Brandon Sanderson, Peter Ahlstrom, Simon Hurley, Geremy Mustard, Donald Mustard. Download it once and read it. Infinity Blade: Awakening is a novella by Brandon Sanderson that is a tie-in to an iOS game, Infinity Blade (made by Epic Games). Awakening is. Infinity Blade: Awakening by Brandon Sanderson. Infinity Blade: Awakening book cover. logo logo. Rating / Infinity Blade.

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It’s different to be sure, but expect some giggles and smiles along the way. Awakening is based on the video game Infinity Blade. Apr 06, TS Chan rated it really liked it Shelves: There was less surprising discovery than his adult works.

The Hero of Ages Mistborn: The culture of the story was built up well, not that I expected any less, and I found myself dragged into the world, the settings, and yes the magic, without a struggle at all. They gave me complete creative freedom, yet I also had some pretty strong constraints. Synopsis sourced from iTunes http: Lists with This Book. This is the book that Warbreaker should have been.

Infinity Blade: Awakening

Not a full length novel. I was unaware of that when I started reading it. He then proceeds to dispatch the two golems. Brandon Sanderson was born in December of in Lincoln, Nebraska. Kel Kade Narrated by: I don’t even know This was pretty damn amazing. Figuring this out also involves figuring out who he is.

It has the usual ingredients of hero with a twist, a couple of swords, some interesting interlopers, and a nice great big twist. The Final Empire Mistborn: Swap it for free. Technology that has advanced to the stage of creating gods and then faded and become ancient while civilization eroded and turned medieval again.

The troll then asks him to stay and fight te deathless that would come for the Infinity Blade as soon as the news reach them, but Siris refuses.


Next to that this novella felt like a poor-mans version of Warbreaker – an immortal God King, a superpowerful sword like Nightblood and a main character that’s called Siris Siri in Warbreaker Must have cost you a lot. Obviously I am going to recommend this. This is another side to one of my favourite authors. One pen, two penis? But despite being written by one of my favorite fantasy authors, I didn’t find anything too impressive I probably would have enjoyed this more if I was familiar with the iOS mobile game, or the Infinity Blade franchise in general.

Raidriar prepared to kill Siris with Infinity Blade, but Isa managed to shoot him in the head first, killing him. But when Trained from birth in swordplay and combat, a young knight named Siris has journeyed to the Dark Citadel with a single purpose: This is a perfect example of Sanderson not being able to do any wrong.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I was also rather put off by some of the dialogues, so I’m totally ok for sexual innuendo but some of the stuff was rather cringe worthy. I went into it knowing nothing about the story, world or magic, but I came away having enjoyed the short read and being surprised along the way at some of the twists and turns the story takes.

Definitely glad that I’ve finally swnderson this even though it’s not exactly the creation of Sanderson’s own genius. You are commenting using your Twitter account. In his head are a complex tangle of emotions and the way in which Sanderson writes allows you to really empathise with Siris and he tries to work out what he is going to do with the rest of his life.

Infinity Blade: Awakening by Brandon Sanderson

No trivia or quizzes yet. I know that the purpose of this book is to build a story for the second game, but it would have been nice to brandob one or two of the character arcs get resolved in this novella. His quest for freedom will take him on an epic journey in search of the one being in the world who can unravel the secrets of the Infinity Blade. Their world is one in which those who die in glory return as gods to live confined to a pantheon in Hallandren’s capital city and where a power known as BioChromatic magic is based on an essence known as breath that can be collected only one unit at a time.


I didn’t enjoy this book enough to run out and buy a hack and slash sandersonn for my iPad. Isa knows how to guide anyon Review forthcoming on http: Trained from birth in swordplay and combat, a young knight named Siris has journeyed to the Dark Citadel with a single purpose: Es una novela muy cortita, sencilla y que va al grano.

I’m probably going to download the video game too. Isa is badly wounded in the fight, however, the traveller that was attacked is revealed to be a strange creature made out of wood and gemstones, that is able to sew her wound awakeningg transforming parts of itself into thread and needles, by touching metal and cloth, correspondingly.

He also managed to flesh out the character of Siris, the main protagonist, and make him relatable. The author of the Mistborn trilogy and ElantrisBrandon Sanderson is winning abundant praise for this rollicking – and unusual – tale. This story was just plain fun to write.

Infinity Blade: Awakening (Audiobook) by Brandon Sanderson |

Someone for readers to watch and writers to turn to for inspiration. Overall I think it’s a fun addition to the Sanderson collection and I’m quite happy to read anything which is by him. Character development, world creation, mystery, action – everything Sanderson does so well is infinitg her, and in a mere novella.

Writers of the Future, Volume 34 By: