The Good Woman of Setzuan has ratings and reviews. In , Hannah Arendt hailed Bertolt Brecht as beyond a doubt the greatest living German p. Dive deep into Bertolt Brecht’s The Good Person of Szechwan with extended analysis, The plot of The Good Woman of Setzuan winds through a prologue, ten. Analysis and discussion of characters in Bertolt Brecht’s The Good Woman of Setzuan.

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The world we are introduced to in The Good Person of Szechwan is a grim one, and the premise is almost allegory: The Good Woman of Setzuan.

Acting against her self-interest, as she is awaiting a paying customer, she lets the gods stay with her, without asking any compensation. Mar 10, Jonfaith rated it really liked it Shelves: I really like this book. Instead, he became a poet and dramatist who saw the theater as the cultural forum most public and thus most well-suited to effecting changes within society.

In our elaboration of Brecht’s Epic Theater we reach back to the very simplest method of theater – playful creativity and the pleasure found in communicating individual experiences to others. I don’t like this play as much as I like Mother Courage, but it is a pretty good play.

Jan 03, Ksenia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Until Brecht lived in Bavaria, where he was born, studied medicine Munich,…. I cannot tell what occured: Whether Christian morality can withstand adverse economic forces is the central theme of The Good Woman of Szechuan. With it, Shen Tei opens a modest tobacco shop and life seems to take shape for the better. The play is an example of Brecht’s ” non-Aristotelian drama “, a dramatic form intended to be staged with the methods of epic theatre.


Look buster, face facts. Voltaire, one of the greatest of all French writers. When Shen De does something generous and fogets herself doing positiv things, she suffers. And wow how I regret that I didn’t read anything from him sooner! Three unnamed gods are looking for a good human being. Is it possible to be a good and selfless person when everyone else is bad? Shen Te is, like everybody else, a victim to her circumstances, but she is consistently good, in spite of them.

To m I really like this book.

The Good Woman of Setzuan – Past | Drama In The Hood

Pensando all’ oggi vengono in mente figure come Zetzuan Strada o Mimmo Lucano. And what’s odd about the final judgment is that even if Shen Te ha done bad things as Shui Ta, she still remains good.

Paperbackpages. Read other reviews by Marie Bonfils.

Good Woman of Setzuan, The “. Rather, she gives because sharing is a natural art, just like when she paints her mouth bright red to attract male clientele.

The Good Woman of Setzuan

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I must start reading up on Marx as Brecht was a proud Marxist from what I’ve heard. In Shen Te’s world, goodness and selflessness cannot to survive and prosper. It seems like goodness needs a lot of pragmatism and life experience not to backfire. She’ll come to despise him too given time. In terms of staging, there is usually a lot of breaking the fourth wall, or speaking directly to the audience, either speaking the directions or having placards giving directions and usually topical references to local issues.


WangShen TeShui Ta. The drudgery of society and it’s people is portrayed brilliantly. So I went straight to the library and got myself a copy of The good Woman of Setzuan. Gods Alaji Marie, who doubled as a street-wise butcher, and Eloisa Cardona, who also doubled as a slimey grasping landlady. It is never easy to stage a translation and this one certainly did not show off Brecht, as a wordsmith.

Brecht’s interest in historical materialism is evident in the play’s definition of contemporary morality and altruism in social and economic terms. Germany did not become a modern nation-state untiland the prior history of the various…. But her kindness is not predicated on giving as good as she gets.

At the beginning easy to read but as it went on it got more confusing because of the many different characters and what they really wanted and only pretended to want. I thought the device employed by the character is brilliant, a heady response to the pop-up morality of Snapchat Elysium. The play is about the question whether and how a person can be good in a capitalist world. I want to go with whom I love Brechtian theatre articulated popular themes and forms with avant-garde formal experimentation to create a modernist realism that stood in sharp contrast both to its psychological and socialist varieties.

One can at least accredit Brecht with presenting a part of our lives, an unfortunate aspect of reality, if not the complete truth.