Brent Monahan, Author St. Martin’s Press $ (p) ISBN children by a mischievous poltergeist dubbed “”the Bell witch”” by the citizens of Adams, Tenn. The Bell Witch or Bell Witch Haunting is a legend from Southern American folklore, centered on , The Bell Witch: An American Haunting, Monahan, Brent, St. Martin’s Press, X, Novel. Basis for the film, An American. Don’t be confused into buying a novel called An American Haunting. It’s just another haunted house story. The Bell Witch is also fiction, but it’s based on a true.

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It tells a decent story, sheds some new light on an old legend and even has a significant amount of entertainment value. Poltergeists racket-makers do not attack brejt without but rather are a moahan pustule erupting from within a deeply troubled household. I think because I had a hard time envisioning the home that they all lived in.

According to Brian Dunning no one has ever seen this diary, and there is no evidence that it ever existed: Ingram published an interview with Lucinda E.

Bell Witch

Apr 19, Becky rated it it was ok Shelves: While in the first cave room they heard a noise from deeper in the cave Jarrard estimated at 30 yards. Share your thoughts with other customers. Almost every single time, it was easy to see how overactive imaginations or bored, salacious gossips took over otherwise mildly strange events and blew them up into something they weren’t.

Monaahan several page account of the Bell Witch legend was included in a sketch of Robertson County and was reportedly written for Nashville’s Centennial Exposition in When Brooks related this to Charlie Willett, he immediately smiled, pulled his thumbs through his suspenders and said, “Oh, she said that, did she?

Descendant of John Johnston. While the witcg wasn’t always exciting, it’s monahna to speak badly of it since it is not written by someone who claims to be a writer, and rather, is just getting down the details for his and Betsy’s daughter.


It does have one utterance of the “F-bomb”, and a few cases of other “swears”, but nothing you won’t find in the Bible besides that one. I could have stopped there, but I’m glad that I kept with it until the end. The article stated that Smith claimed to use these occult powers on Clinard and Burgess, leading to the conflict between them. It is an actual fact that several hundred intelligent people of Springfield and vicinity have been so excited over the noise as to go night after night to listen to it When he arrived at the house, the horses witcch women were gone.

Refresh and try again. In my opinion, nothing that would raise so much as a goosebump of fear.

In the Ingram account, attributed to Richard Williams Bell, John Bell was already suffering from an unknown affliction and bedridden for some time. I really wish it would have been better. John Nuckolls, in Februaryconfronted Laura’s father, over his desire to see the child, and threatened his father-in-law’s life. The terrible ending ruined any interest in this book I had. This reminded me of the story my mother used to tell us, her kids. The Englishman quickly left that morning and later wrote to the Bell family that the entity had visited his family in England.

Mina does not mind the friendship of the giant dude. And yet, I wonder if this version isn’t simply about gender and victimhood.

The book left me very interested in this case, and my interest increased recently when I discovered close family ties to many of the people depicted here, including Elias and Sugg Fort. This page was last edited on 30 Novemberat Bell also detailed a series of prophecies he stated were given to his ancestors in by the spirit, including a declaration the witch was set to return again inyears after her last visit to the Bell family.


The Bell Witch

Bell Witch Lincoln’s ghost White Lady. The author states that Ms. I was not expecting what I found here. I guess this would not have bothered me so much if it were such an apparent gimmick.

The Bell Witch by Brent Monahan

Then ask yourself, “Do I smell a gimmick here? Ghosts of the Bluegrass. The consequences of poor health, family tragedy and fire limited his continuing interest in the newspaper industry. Jul 03, Josh Moyes rated it it was ok. There is a feeling of authenticity to brennt that does allow for the “creep factor” to settle in, and Brenf feel like Monahan does an excellent job at making this seem as real as possible.

MacmillanJun 19, – Fiction – pages. Every circumstance out of the regular order of things is attributed to the witch. Instead, this was dry and boring, interesting only if you want to put on your detective cap. They sat down and the dog began hell fight with something invisible.

In modern times, some skeptics have regarded Ingram’s efforts as a work of historical fiction or fraud. The family heard sounds of gnawing hell the beds, invisible dogs fighting, and chains along the floor.

The Infamous Bell Witch of Tennessee. I don’t think this had anything to do with a “witch” in the way people want to think.

If you’re looking for a scary or interesting ghost story, give it a pass. Retrieved 8 December — via Newspapers.