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Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS Rules For The Design Of Cranes – Part 2: Specification For Classification, Stress Calculations And Design Of Mechanisms. Bs Crane Design – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Civil Engineering.

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The coefficient, c 2depends on the group classification of the mechanism and shall be as given in table Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. Any person who, when making use of a British Standard, encounters an inaccuracy or ambiguity, is requested to notify BSI without delay in order that the matter may be investigated and appropriate action bss.

Coefficient, c 2for rail wheels 10 7. References The titles of the standards publications referred to in this standard are listed on the inside back cover.

Full text of “Safety British Standards”

Surface finish factor, C3 18 8. The material for shafts shall be selected from steels having suitable physical properties for the duty required. When a hoisting appliance is to be used for dangerous handling operations e.

Where a component is subjected to axial tensile, axial compressive, bending or shear stress, F c shall be calculated in the normal manner. An outline sb for fatigue verifications has been included, which defines recommended principles, but it is not possible, in the present state of the art, to include a comprehensive treatment, and reference to specialized text books may be necessary.

Classification of mechanisms 4.

In cases where there is adequate service experience of similar or comparable components under known duty conditions, the checks may be confined be comparisons or extrapolations on a suitable basis. In either case, account should be taken of the starting characteristics of the drive unit or the retarding properties of the brake system, as appropriate.

The factors that need to be considered when determining 25573-2 required diameter for a particular rail wheel are: Fatigue reference stress factor, C f r 18 8. Search Result Product Details. Standard Search Industry Search. Users of British Standards are responsible for their correct application. V 2 Loads due to the out of service wind acting horizontally in any direction where applicable. Case 1 25733-2 service without wind.


The faster, easier way to work with standards. For example, failure in 25733-2 hoisting mechanism component is usually a more dangerous occurrence than failure of a horizontal motion mechanism.

Rules for the design of cranes. Where a component is subjected to a combination of 2573–2 stresses, F c is the combined stress which shall be calculated as follows: Jewellery Road vehicles engineering Railway engineering Shipbuilding and marine structures Aircraft 25732 space vehicle engineering Materials handling equipment Packaging and distribution of goods Textile and leather technology Clothing industry Agriculture Food technology Chemical technology Mining and minerals Petroleum and 25732 technologies Metallurgy Wood technology Glass and ceramics industries Rubber and plastic industries Paper technology Paint and colour industries Construction materials and building Civil engineering Military affairs.

Capacities are rounded off in line with R10 series. Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. Click to learn more. In this connection, consider- ation shall be given to the consequences of failure. Service life of a mechanism or component The service life of a mechanism or component is defined as ‘the total number of hours during which the mechanism or component is in motion’.

Table T 2 gives the hours per day to be used for design purposes for each class of utilization when designing gearing in accordance with BS Further factors relating to specific mechanisms of a crane are discussed in B. Long travel T5 L3 M6 O. Alternatively the factor Cf r can be determined from the following formulae, in which N is the total number of cycles. Classification, caiculs des contraintes et conception des mecanismes — Specifications Regeln fur den Kranbau Teil 2.

The class of utilization of a 257-2 shall be determined from its assumed service life in hours.

BS 2573-2:1980

Two such works are: In practical terms this should ensure, for example, that the couplings, shafts, gears, bearings, etc. The Amber document status indicator indicates that some caution is needed when using this document – it is either: Components shall also be designed or selected to give an economic life in terms of durability that can be affected by fatigue, by wear, by temperature and by vibration.


It is important that users of British Standards should ascertain that they are in possession of the latest amendments or editions. Point hooks and C hooks shall comply with the requirements of BS when applicable, Ramshorn hooks shall comply with the requirements of BS when applicable. Safety Metrology and measurement. In the case of rail wheels with tyres, consideration shall be given to the design of the tyre, which shall be sufficiently thick not to roll itself out.

The value of Ci is given in accord- ance with the nature of the stress cycles as follows: The effect of a notch on the fatigue strength of a part varies considerably with material and notch geometry and is normally less than would be predicted by the use of the stress concentration factor.

This clause defines the minimum requirements governing the selection of ropes. Scope This Part of BS provides the basis for calculating stresses in components of crane mechanisms and specifies the way in which permissible stresses shall be determined, it also gives rules for the selection of proprietary items where these are used as mechanism components.

Superseded by BS EN Where cushioning devices are inserted in the drive, such as hydraulic couplings or electrical control features that limit the applied torque, the benefit of these devices may be used in assessing the torques transmitted to the mechanism.

It also provides a framework of reference between the purchaser and the manufacturer. Minimum coefficient of utilization, Z p 8 5. Verification of components 4 8. Such cases are not, however, relevant for fatigue verifications. Weapons Domestic and commercial equipment. Values of H for rope reeving components 8 6. Where other steels are used, the crane manufacturer shall show that the properties are comparable with the standard steels and that they have been subjected to equivalent tests.