Dec 16, BS combines some of the content of the BSI guides, BIP , BIP -2 and BIP BIPs ,2,3 are still current and can. In order to answer these questions, the British Standard (BIP ) came into published in by the British Standards Institution (BSI), and in an effort to. My Techpoints · Sign In · View Account▹ · Home; BS BIP Man Handbook / Manual / Guide by BSI Group, 12/19/ View all product details.

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It may be disassembled and each part processed in different ways. This Act resolved many of the outstanding legal difficulties that had arisen through the use of computers for information storage. It will still be necessary to keep the original documents unless those original documents have been copied in a way that provides an exact replica.

It should not be possible to move documents or change index data without an entry in the audit trail. It must be capable of: It also covers how to migrate paper records to microform or digital format without compromising quality. Internal and external correspondence, reports, drawings and specifications, legal documents and, perhaps, photographs, video and audio files.

It is important to ensure that images, when compressed, are not subject to data loss.

Legal Admissibility – Document Management, Imaging, Scanning

Digital signatures are legally-binding, provide bank-level security, and can be accessed via computer, tablet, or smart phone. Bsk user manual will typically define the following: Documents, such as personnel records, may have a lifetime longer than the current system and therefore at some point will need to be migrated.

If lossy compression is used, a sample set of scanned images should be made to check and approve the level of information loss. Please call eFileCabinet today or fill out the form on this page for help with ensuring that your business or organization has everything needed in order to become and remain Ibp compliant.


The person who inputs data should not be the same person who performs quality checks. The selection of a supplier whose process for conversion complies with this standard bdi essential.

Note that a WORM ‘write-once, read-many’ storage medium could make this operation difficult.

Our paperless software blp are priced to fit any budget because we cater to what a particular business or individual requires. When a client requests information, you are able to preview, search and share files in a snap, no matter where you are.

Make sure your BS system continually improves to deliver the best for your business. The procedure manual is the document that the organisation will produce, if it’s electronic storage methods are ever challenged, to prove to auditors, lawyers or judges that the processes are precise, secure and approved for its normal business procedures. Its pages parallel those of the Code, reminding and instructing systems managers what to undertake. Quickly and easily take pictures of your important documents and upload them directly into the appropriate folder.

Apply BS to your electronic information management and you will have better processes in place to deal with copyright, tracking and verification issues. Many existing communications systems are insecure, with the possibility of files being intercepted and amended during the communication process, without the knowledge of the sender or the recipient.

There is extensive storage and unlimited cabinets and folders for users to accommodate information.

BIP Code of Practice | Fortress and Castle

These procedures should include methods of checking the accuracy of the index records created. Compliance with BIP will ensure that the organisation manages its information according to best practice, thereby maximising the chance of electronic records being satisfactorily authenticated. British Standard BS BS sets out the requirements for the implementation and operation of electronic information management systems. With high levels of electronic management systems being implemented, awareness of the evidential weight of electronic documents is crucial should a dispute arise.


This includes data processing, information exchange between computers and electronic storage. The Code contains an annex mapping the content of the records management International Standard to the Code of Practice.

BIP 0008 British Code for Legal Admissibility and Record Retention

Document retention, audit-tracking, and role-based security are essential for compliance and are standard features with eFileCabinet Online. BS outlines best practice for transferring electronic information between systems and migrating paper records to digital files. Steps that must be taken in the processes of administration, scanning, indexing, retrieval, archival, and bsj of documents.

There is also the issue of retention periods. Are you ready for BS ? While WORM has the advantage that it is not possible to directly modify data once it has been stored, in practice data is modified by deleting the original data and writing the modified data. The BSI website uses cookies.

The Legal Admissibility of information stored on Electronic Document Management Systems

Whenever a legal documents is reproduced, it must contain an accurate reproduction of the original document. Compound documents A compound document contains a variety of parts – photographs, graphics, text, and video perhaps.

In general, magnetic media are write-many technologies while optical media may be write-once or write-many.

A document that has been digitally signed cannot be altered without invalidating the signature. Without detailed audit trails i.

Signed files and documents are automatically received and filed under the appropriate file you designate. By continuing to access the site you are agreeing to their use.

It also explains best practice methods of data capture and handling, version control and different storage systems that can be used.