Complete summary of Stephen Vincent Benét’s By the Waters of Babylon. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of By the Waters of Babylon. The great river in the story “By the Waters of Babylon” is the Hudson River. The Hudson River is the river separating parts of New York from New Jersey. By the Waters of Babylon has ratings and 44 reviews. Corinne said: By the Waters of Babylon is a really well written story, with so many effects go.

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I remember the dead man’s face. Then my father came out with the metal—good, strong piece. They ran about like ants in the streets of their city—poor gods, poor gods!

A great story that provides so many great ideas that contrast with our real world these days, regarding the beliefs of watees people of the hill, and the external and internal conflicts that john was having throughout the story.

They tthe men—they went a dark road, but they were men. This science-fiction story was decades ahead of its time, and it reminds me of other stories that were currently written, almost like they took ideas from this short story.

I had saved my bow and two arrows and the knife I found in the Dead Place but that was all. The god who lived there stepheb have been a powerful god. Benet’s work in any more detail unless somebody tells me otherwise. Now I go to the Place of the Gods, I shall not return.

All these things are forbidden. I have said the magic was gone but that is not true—it had gone from the magic things but it had not gone from the place. I knew that I was seeing the city as it had been when the gods were alive. Once John gets to the Place of the Gods, he feels the energy and magic there.


By the Waters of Babylon – Wikipedia

But a dog cannot open a door and I knew, from the books, that the gods did not like to live on the ground but vincenr high. No doubt I could have killed him with an arrow, but I did not know if there were others. It’s a curiosity for that reason, I suppose, but there’s not much of a reason to really read it.

To ask other readers questions about By the Waters of Babylonplease sign up. A priest must know many secrets—that was what my father said. It was my father himself who questioned me about my dreams.

By the Waters of Babylon

I had no fear after that—I had no fear going home, though twice I fought off the dogs wahers once I was hunted for two days by the Forest People.

This story focuses on the main character, and narrator, John, who goes on an journey to finally fulfill what he What else can be said about this amazing story by Stephen Vincent Benet.

I looked at the bones in the shadow and kept my voice still. And the magic tools are broken—but we can look at them and wonder. Everywhere in it there are god-roads, though most are cracked and broken. They were surprised when I shut the door in their faces—it was a good door, of strong metal.

My hunger for knowledge burned in me—there was so much that I could not understand. We do not eat grubs from the baabylon, we have not forgotten the old writings, although they are hard to understand. They burrowed tunnels under rivers—they flew in the air. It was darkness over the broken city and I wept.

Oh I see, he’s in New York. I covered my eyes with my hands and crept back into the forest. A mighty temple it must have been, for the roof was painted like the sky at night with its stars—that much I could see, though the colors were faint and dim.


There was the great river below, like a giant in the sun. No man of my tribe had seen it, not even my father, the priest. Aug 18, Maurita Kling rated it it was amazing.

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By the Waters of Babylon

When it seemed to me that they had had time to hear me, I went on. The sign was an eagle. And I also think “By the Waters of Babylon” is a really well written story, with so many effects going into the theme.

I think I need to expand the scope of what I read so that what I bring into the class can excite more students. When I reached for a stone to throw, he moved swiftly out of the way of the stone. If you haven’t read any SS since high school or college, run to the library! It came upon them as they walked the streets of their city. It was very silent and sunny where I had landed—the wind and the rain and the birds that drop seeds had done their work—the grass grew in the cracks of the broken stone.

My voice sounded thin in my ears but that was because of the smoke. After such long years?

They are the only ones who can handle metal collected from the homes called the “Dead Places” of long-dead people whom they believe to be gods.