Caffenol Recipes that are proven to work can be found here. If not stated differently, the temperature of the solution should be 20 degrees Celsius or 68 degrees. six, almost seven years ago i was given a recipe for caffenol c film developer by a friend whitey. i met whitey over on , one of the 3 or. just incase there are any interested parties on site interested in the caffenol ( coffee) method of developing b&w film. (yes i said film) the cookbook is an.

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It would then be much simpler if you were to be teaching this to a child for instance. Posted February 26, at 4: Yvonne, If it is high contrast microfilm, I would say it is OK to not agitate, as agitation increases contrast and most microfilms are high contrast films.

They still turned out really well. It will always foam up, but you should anyhow let the solution stand for 5 minutes once everything is completely dissolved.

Caffenol: The Caffenol Cookbook and Bible

But – the salt cystallized under water on the paper and damaged it. Posted November 22, at Ifyou are new to Caffenol development or looking for the basics, please start from the beginning, first post March Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.


With my humble skills of chemistry I instantly brewed a usable soup, a bit “thicker” than a known “standard” recipe. Your email address will not be published. Posted February 1, at 6: Posted August 17, at 3: I will teach a 2 days caffenol workshop from Posted March 11, at 9: I do neither use expired films nor secret esoteric ingredients, I like honest BW-pictures and I don’t like dusty scans ;- Best regards – Reinhold View my complete profile.

I would think this would be particularly important when using these non-standard materials.

Then I put everything together and add the Vitamin C. Posted March 12, at 9: Most people do Soda first, add Vitamin C, coffee last. I decided to dump it out afterwards but I think it would still be quite useable. Posted August 24, at 9: Thank you for your appreciation. Competes with the best developers available This developer deserves more attention. Competing or even beating every available commercial developer. And much easier to instill interest in shooting film.

Caffenol Cookbook and Bible – Figital Revolution

Das kriegen die I Why do you want to have a dev time that long? Du musst den Kommentar auf Pop-Up umstellen.

Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Cheers, what an amazing results!

Caffenol Cookbook and Bible

Thanx in advance for all your oppinions. No, Caffenol is only a developer.

About Arras WordPress Theme. I developed for 30mins, same agitation scheme as above. If you send me one, I am happy to give those measures as well.


I also developed Kodak Portra color negatives with the exact same batch caffenool next day and they also came out really well. For washing film, I use something like this: Were you developing or iso film? I got my agitation scheme from another site so I accidentally developed for 12mins instead of the 10mins this site recommends.

Made by caffenoll well known Caffenol cooks under the project leadership of the fabulous large format photographer Bo Sibbern-Larsen. Hello readers, I know it was pretty quiet last year here on the blog. Dedicated to the power of Caffenol and Caffenol-C film developer made of: Experiments in caffenol — Xiyu Phoon Photography.

Just buy regular fixer, I use Ilford Rapid Fix, and cookbok it. Posted April 3, at 5: I usually fix for 5 minutes. DO you think this would have a chance of caffenool Do you have a clue how to prevent this? I dont like to make to much digital interventions on my photos and i was wondering if the copper toned resoults of color films developed in caffenol are natural or are result of any digital intervention.