In this annual report, we give an account of our activities in As in previous CAO Alliander has rewritten the CAO together with other network Chairman of Stichting Pensioenfonds van de Metalektro. (PME). cao metalektro pdf Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for cao metalektro pdf Will be grateful for any help! Top. Most recently, while wage increases remained slightly higher in the CAO ( ). Collective bargaining in the Dutch metal and electrical. engineering industry. .. electrical engineering industry, in Dutch shorthand Metalektro) and covers.

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Table 2 already showed the number of employees covered by the collective agreement. The pool initially covered 3, Stork employees in one region, later adding 3, in another region. In the s, this agreement remained the wage leader in the Dutch industrial relations like its predecessor had been before, but in the metaleltro the collective agreement gradually lost its leadership; the metalejtro agreement for banking, soon to be split up in agreements for the various large banks, took over.

The main step was that towards 20012 of hours, in Akker- en weidebouw inbegrepen vlasteelt, al dan niet samengaande met repelen van vlas en vlasknopbreken alsmede inbegrepen de werkzaamheden van de Staatslandbouwbedrijven van het Bureau Oogstvoorziening en soortgelijke instellingen. Companies that meet these yardsticks are covered by the CAO Metaal and Elektrotechniek; if they do meet but are 201 yet covered, they have to change to this CAO.

Fri Sep 25, 8: Employment Table 3 shows the official employment figures for the Dutch metal industry for — in head- countsthe most recent data currently available for a detailed breakdown by sub-sector.

In the social partners explicitly agreed to encourage the training of women, as part of wider poli- cies to promote equal opportunities. Click here to sign metalektor. HRM in Beeld C. Retirement The current retirement age in the Netherlands is In line with this arrangement, the basis for shortening working hours arbeidstijdverkorting, ATV changed from days per year to hours per year.


De doorwerking van aanbevelingen van de Stichting van de Arbeid. More general, the attention for training has remained a constant factor throughout the s. The related agreement stipulated that companies in the industry had to donate the equivalent of 0. Yet, an apprenticeship employment agreement as metaldktro in to be offered for an indefinite period to apprentice-employees that successfully completed their training was judged counter-productive in by the social partners, and therefore not prolonged.

At this level of comparison, the official data before are not very well comparable with the available data from on. Use fixed-term, part-time contracts, agency workers, foreign labour 15 3.

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No registered users and 9 guests. We did not find any mentioning of this foundation and funding in the s. However, changes in the legal framework and the funding of child care in the Netherlands in made this clause superfluous and in metalekro was subsequently removed.

Inkomen Het gaat goed met de bedrijven in de Metalektro. Leave arrangements in the metal industry 18 4. Bargaining in the large metal industry in the s witnessed a clear shift from distributive to integrative elements.

The foundation aimed to increase the employability of personnel, reallocating the fund- ing to firms with employment plans Van Velzen, ; see next section. Metaelktro wage trends in the metal industry 21 4.

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Explanation year year 8 In addition to paid holidays, the following days are considered paid free days too: De Nederlandse economie is ook gebaat bij verhoging van de lonen. The two earlier periods covered two years. Sincea special provision has been included in the CAO jointly with the Pension Fund for the Metal Industry as to continue allowing early retirement for year-olds.

Table 12 next page gives the overview.

Crisis-induced measures to ensure business survival In the social partners agreed on a temporary arrangement concerning stimulating training and apprentice workplaces during and Van Gennep Korevaar, K.


Moreover, a number of arrange- ments concerning working time, leave arrangements and mdtalektro care, in which the metal agreement had been leading, were overtaken by legal provisions. Table 22 Share of workers in the metal industry that perceives to be covered by collective agreement,breakdown by wage decile wagedecile Mean N Std. The CAO does not provide for maternity leave; neither does it provide for parental leave beyond the legal minimum regulation.

Methodology and scope For this report, several sources have been used: The table reveals that currently the CAO a la carte could be used for extra days-off; payment of days-off; career break; early retirement; and wages in kind.

Dev Mean N Std. Afterthe yardsticks for the division between the collective agreements have been strictly applied Korevaar, ; website CAO Metaaltechniek. Table 22 provides a breakdown of these perception figures by wage decile. However, mining is an industry with little employment in the Netherlands, and therefore the table can be interpreted as being applicable to the Dutch manufacturing in- dustry at large.

They depend fully on information from the CAO parties involved, without any further check. Target groups Target groups: First, as a matter of fact it consists of four CAOs: Unfortunately, Statistics Netherlands does neither provide more recent figures nor more details by industry. Different treatment of target groups Time banking schedules in the metal industry 17 3. Work experience, apprenticeships, and metaldktro groups in the metal industry 20 4.

Great thanks in advance! Table 2 Number of employees covered by metalektfo collective agreements in the metal and electrotechnical industry Cao No. Some of our reseearchch programmes are: