Intermediate: DRY FILM BUILD. Carboguard SBV 77%. WET FILM BUILD. 0% thinner. 5% thinner. 12% thinner. Description. Versatile corrosion resistant coating with zinc phosphate corrosion inhibitor. Contains additional filler reinforcement (micaceous iron oxide) for. Carboguard is a high solids, high build epoxy primer with excellent corrosion resistance. Can be applied by spray, brush or roller to yield a cured film.

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Carboguard Part A. Special application techniques may be required above or below normal application conditions. Rustbond FC Part B.

Certified by NSF International. Safety Read and follow all caution statements on this product data sheet and on the MSDS for this product.

Approved/Qualified Products

User should test and monitor exposure levels to insure all personnel are below guidelines. Carbozinc Part B. User must contact Carboline Company to verify correctness before specifying or ordering. A mist coat may be required to minimize bubbling over zinc rich primers.

The ventilation system should be capable of preventing the solvent vapor concentration from reaching the lower explosion limit for catboguard solvents used.

Click here for more carbogguard on Carboiline Carboguard Micaceous iron oxide MiO Filler for additional barrier properties and corrosion resistance: Job site conditions may require modifications to these guidelines to achieve the desired results.


SurePoxy Part A. Sikadur 32 Hi-Mod Part A. Carbomastic 90 Part A. SurePoxy Part B. Use color When used with custom colors, addition of MiO Filler will impart a grey cast to any color used.

Carboline | Product Details

Mio caro figlio, Mio caro figlio. Steel For most applications: To the best of our knowledge the technical data contained herein is true and accurate on the date of publication Would you like to see why Find the Needle clients come back year after year to use our service?

Millets in PDS Study. We assume no responsibility for coverage, performance or injuries resulting from use. May cause dizziness and Discoloration and loss of gloss occurs above F C but does not affect performance. Sikadur Combiflex kit part A. Molded and Extruded Polychloroprene Products. Tick to confirm you have read and agree to our privacy policy Please confirm you have read the privacy policy.

Up to 50 meters away from the radio 10 wires. Page 2 of 2. Thinner E may be used as an exempt thinner in lieu of those listed above. Bridge Membrane Royston 10 A series. Contains additional filler reinforcement micaceous iron oxide for enhanced barrier resistant properties.

Carboguard SG MIO PDS – Carboline –

In case of spillage, absorb and dispose of in accordance with local applicable regulations. If you do not wish to accept cookies crboguard this website, you can choose to not allow cookies from this website by updating your browser preferences.


Condensation due to substrate temperatures below the dew point can cause flash rusting on prepared steel and interfere with proper adhesion carboguarx the substrate. Employ normal workmanlike safety precautions. Airless Spray Pump Ratio: Pot life times will be less at higher temperatures.

VOC Values Thinner 10 15 oz. Please send me more information on Carboiline Carboguard If the maximum recoat times have been exceeded, the surface must be abraded by sweep blasting carboyuard sanding prior to the application of additional coats. Higher film thickness, insufficient ventilation or cooler temperatures will require longer cure times and could result in solvent entrapment and premature failure.

May be topcoated with a broad variety of high performance finish coats. Sigradi9 be confronted to a cross-disciplinary approach of the architectural design and leads to the Performs extremely well under a wide variety of topcoats and application conditions.