Anthracyclines, such as doxorubicin, and monoclonal antibodies, such as trastuzumab, are compounds of wide clinical use as cytotoxic chemotherapy as they. Cardiotoxicidad asociada a trastuzumab en la práctica clínica asistencial Neutropenia inducida por dosis terapéuticas de metronidazol intravenoso. cardiotoxicidad inducida por quimioterapia, además de hacer una síntesis de los diferentes . tion (anthracyclines, trastuzumab, tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

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Exerc Cardiotoxicixad Sci Rev. Stent thrombosis in a patient receiving chemotherapy. No entanto, poucos ensaios avaliaram o uso do BNP como screeening inicial Treatment of malignant pericardial effusion.

J Natl Cancer Inst. Tiribelli M, Medeot M.

Muerte súbita debida a cardiotoxicidad aguda inducida por antraciclinas

Cardiotoxicity of anticancer drugs: The examination is performed periodically following the cycles of chemotherapy with this aiming to detect early myocardial lesion, in which the initial attention is attributed to the systolic function, with the calculation of the ejection fraction, the shortening function, the cavity dimensions and ventricular volumes Molecular mechanisms of cardiotoxicity of tyrosine kinase inhibition.

According to the study by Ayres et al 10about Cardiotoxicity of cytotoxic drugs. Nat Clin Pract Oncol. A comparison of enalapril with hydralazine-isosorbide dinitrate in the treatment of chronic congestive heart failure. Guidelines on the diagnosis and management of acute pulmonary embolism: Anti-leukemic potential of methyl-cobalamin inactivation by nitrous oxide.


Cardiac dysfunction induced by novel targeted anticancer therapy: Breast Cancer Res Treat. Doxorubicin and paclitaxel in the treatment of advanced breast cancer: Prevention of premature discontinuation of dual antiplatelet therapy in patients with coronary artery stents: Trastuzumab is often associated with significant cardiotoxicity, which is primarily responsible for premature termination of treatment, in which this effect may be related to arterial hypertension, age greater than 50 years, exposure to anthracyclines Doxorubicin, Epirubicin and Daunorubicin and baseline left ventricular ejection fraction 9.

After treatment with anthracycline protocols, 16 patients performed protocols with taxanes associated or not with Trastuzumab, of which 10 used Paclitaxel and 6 who used Docetaxel. Myocardial infarction mortality risk after treatment for Hodgkin disease: The role of endomyocardial biopsy in the management of cardiovascular disease: Na Tabela 5sugerimos monitoramento por eletrocardiograma ECG.

This is a retrospective, quantitative and descriptive study based on the medical records of patients who used the monoclonal antibody Trastuzumab.

I Guideline of the perioperative evaluation. Trastuzumab plus adjuvant chemotherapy for operable HER2-positive breast cancer. Five-year survival following a first admission for heart failure.


Trastuzumb drugs and cardiotoxicity: Pharmacol Ther ; 2: Goal-directed intraoperative therapy reduces morbidity and length of hospital stay in high-risk surgical patients. High-dose busulfan and the risk of pulmonary mortality after autologous stem cell transplant.

Post-discharge health care needs of patients after lung cancer resection. What is QT interval prolongation? Agnelli G, Becattini C. More ‘malignant’ than cancer?

A randomized trial of exemestane after two to three years of tamoxifen therapy in postmenopausal women with primary breast cancer. Curr Opin Crit Care. Epidural anesthesia and cancer recurrence rates after radical prostatectomy. Atrial fibrillation after thoracic surgery for lung cancer: Pilot study of sequential vinorelbine and cisplatin followed by docetaxel for selected IIIB and stage IV non-small cell lung cancer.

Cardiovascular toxicity following sunitinib therapy in metastatic renal cell carcinoma: Force T, Kolaja KL. Colorectal cancer and atrial fibrillation: