was addressed, was Luis de Santangel, who had deeply inter- ested himself in the project of Columbus and had advanced money to enable Queen Isabella to. Stock Photo Download CARTA DE CRISTOBAL COLON A LUIS DE SANTANGEL TESORERO DE LOS REYES CATOLICOS – SIGLO XV. Author. Items Letter of Columbus to Luis de Santangel, dated 15 February x Print . [5 lines] / fecha ha quato[r]ze dias de marzo: / Esta Carta en bio Colom.

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Its hills and mountains, fine plains and open country, are rich and fertile for planting and for pasturage, and for building towns and villages.

Luis de Santángel

The nightingale and other santwngel birds of a thousand kinds were singing in the month of November when I was there. Directly I reached the Indies in the first isle I discovered, I took by force some of the natives, that from them we might gain some information of what there was in these parts; and so it was that we immediately understood each other, either by words or signs.

He notes that the natives usually fled when approached.

Already by Junethe letter had been translated by a poet into Italian santsngel, and that version went through multiple editions in the next couple of years.

Urgent reports on the Portuguese preparations were dispatched to the Spanish court by the Duke of Medina-Sidonia. To influence public opinion in Europe, and particularly the Church and the Pope, a Spanish version was not nearly as useful as a Latin one, so there was no purpose of continuing to print the Spanish edition once the Latin one became available.

When the librarians refused to buy it, the forger angrily tore up the volume in front of them and stormed out. It might be worth noting here that the first known French translation appeared in Lyon inin a volume by Charles Fontaine.

The Letter of Columbus to Luis De Sant Angel Announcing His Discovery

He describes the islands as being inhabited by “Indians” Indios. Even before Herrera arrived John II had sent his own emissary, Ruy de Sande, to the Spanish court, reminding the Spanish monarchs that their sailors were not allowed to sail below Canaries latitude, and suggesting all expeditions to the west be suspended.


Columbus finally arrived at Palos de la Frontera in Spain eleven days later, on March 15, The title is given as De Insulis Indiae supra Gangem nuper inventis “Of the islands of India beyond the Gangesrecently discovered”and contains a prologue noting that it was sent by Christopher Columbus to “Raphael Sanxis” later editions correct it to ” Gabriel Sanchez “the treasurer of the Crown of Aragon.

Possibly worried that his characterization might make it appear that the natives are unsuitable for useful labor, Columbus notes that the Indians are “not slow or unskilled, but of excellent and acute understanding”. A carts in the printed Spanish edition indicates that Columbus sent this letter to the “Escribano de Racion”, and another to sanhangel Highnesses.

To speak, in conclusion, only of what has eantangel done during this hurried voyage, their Highnesses will see that I can give them as much gold as they desire, if they will give me a little assistance, spices, cotton, as much as their Highnesses may command to be shipped, and mastic as much as their Highnesses choose to send for, which until now has only been found in Greece, in the isle of Chios, and the Signoria can get its own price for it; as much lign-aloe as they command to be shipped, and as many slaves as they choose to send for, all heathens.

Historians have had to rely on clues in the santanggel editions, many of them published without date or location, to reconstruct the history of the sntangel. I have seen some of these canoes with seventy and eighty men in them, and each had an oar.

Can I get a copy?

File:Carta Colon 1493 manuscrito Simancas.JPG

A transcription and English translation can be found in Zamora Either way, Hispaniola seemed to be Columbus’s favorite of the islands discussed, based on this letter alone. Edney”The Columbus Letter: He reports that La Navidad is santangeo near reported gold mines, and is a well-placed entrepot for the commerce that will doubtlessly soon be opened with the Great Khan “gran Can” on the mainland. Columbus’s letter, which passes over these details too sabtangel, and focuses on promising riches to merchants and converts to the Church, seemed relatively dull and grasping by comparison.


The few points of marvel in Columbus’s letter—cannibals, men with w, and the island santangell the Amazons—are brief and only hearsay, dismissible as usual travel myths, luiis to draw serious attention or set tongues talking in humanist circles.

Sobre el autor y la obra. It’s nice and all for Se and Spain, I suppose, but as he is the first explorer presumably to find these islands, of course there are no Europeans to dispute Spain’s claim. Hispaniola is a marvel.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Letter of Columbus,p. Well, what experience do they have that csrta allow them to understand that the placing of Spain’s banner on the land thus claimed it for the country? Fechada sobre las islas de Canaria a 15 de febrero de For a long time, historians believed the Latin edition was based on the copy of the letter sent by Columbus to the Catholic monarchs as mentioned at the end of the Spanish letter to Santangeland that Columbus’s address to the treasurer Gabriel Sanchez was merely a courtly formality.

For an English translation of the relevant passages, see Harrisse A slightly different version of Columbus’s letter, in manuscript form, addressed to the Catholic monarchs of Spain, was found inpart of the Libro Copiador collection, and has led to some revision of the history of the Columbus letter.

He also proclaims that Hispaniola “abounds in many spices, and great mines of gold, and other metals” “ay mucha especiarias y grandes minas de santangeo y otros metales”. Also refers to rumors of some women that seem kind of like Amazons.