Casca is a series of paperback novels, and since January , ebooks as well, created and written by author Barry Sadler in The stories revolve around the life of Casca Rufio Longinus, the soldier in . Casca 4: Panzer Soldier ( ): Casca fights for the Germans at the Battle of Kursk, and later meets Hitler. Casca 5. A Panzer soldier for the brutal Third Reich, Casca becomes entrenched in Hitler’s Nazi war machine and is forced to pit his credit as a soldier against his moral. Buy a cheap copy of Casca: Panzer Soldier book by Barry Sadler. Free shipping over $

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Bill Sanborn rated it really liked it Mar 07, Casca Longinus is their path back to Christ and they will stop at nothing in keeping their most hated enemy in their sights for all time. He spent most of his adult life serving the Roman empire in the Legions, and there are some scraps of information about his family.

Panzer Soldier (Casca, #4) by Barry Sadler

The character is loosely based on the Longinus legend of Christianity. Not much in the way of his cursed condition is mentioned in this book, which can easily be read in a single sitting. In the clandestine chamber of Adolf Hitler, secrets are revealed and destiny shows its hand. Nov 12, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: Casca is not a Nazi, and has several confrontations with SS men.

This is possibly the best, IMO. I still like the premise of a soldier cursed to live until Christ returns, but Harry Turtledove and others do a much better job of writing this stuff. The PersianSoldiee, a minor acolyte, arranges to have Casca burned at the stake, thinking it just punishment for spearing Jesus.


There are dasca discussion topics on this book yet. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Goldman later leaves the Army and establishes his own practice.

Panzer Soldier by Barry Sadler (casca Series Book 4) From Books

While Casca and his friends are not exactlly outraged they are still saddened. On the most holy of days in the Brotherhood’s calendar, the sect recreates the crucifixion, right down to killing one of their blessed brethren who has been selected to act the part of Jesus.

Wazmo rated it it was amazing Jun 30, Sadler wrote some of the early novels in the series while the others were assigned to ghostwriters. The Casca stories are quick reads that are filled with violence and adventure from a solider who found a niche and filled it.

He later improved those skills as a Gladiator in the Circus Maximus. The crew are slowly whittled down until cascw Casca remains, even the tank expires. Sporting the honorable Knight’s Cross and a silver tanker’s badge, Casca leads the 1st SS Panzer Regiment against the hammering forces of Ivan, the throttlehold of Russia’s military. Panzer Soldier Casca Series Author s: Sadler continues to This solddier standard Casca series book.

This is the story of Casca the Roman legionnaire that stabbed Christ. Immortal Dragon” was removed from the list of books on casca.

He purchased the spear from some of Casca’s comrades to be used as a relic and symbol for the events on Golgotha. Casca possesses an affinity for spoken languages. He is often visited by Casca for updates on his life and experiences throughout the ages.

Jeff Feltman rated it it was amazing Feb 06, English is rich enough in words that there is no need to mangle a perfectly good one that actually defines itself.

Known as “The Spear of Longinus”the sect worships the spear which forms the central focus at prayer times. Amidst a bleak landscape of battle, Casca’s chance encounter with a war-torn Jewish woman puts his sense of decency to the test and takes him to the one remaining bunker in Berlin-Hitler’s lair-where he confronts the living madman. Other books in the series. As I go now to My Father, you must one day come to Me. Lanzer family died of plague and the young Casca burned the family home afterward.


Greg Stillwagon rated it really liked it Nov 13, Informer Casca author Paul Dengelegi wrote an unauthorized story titled Casca: The writing was uneven at times.

Sadler continues to treat women characters who panzerr again mere sideshow and their existance serves only to serve character, in one way or the other as sluts soldler without mind of their own, swooning over heroes and dropping their panties almost by reflex when they meet “a real man”. Oct 30, Wes Bartlett rated it liked it.

In the mid s Sadler moved to Guatemala City where he was shot in the head one night in a taxi.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. To the general public he is most known for the hit single “Ballad of the green berets” After his musical career he decided to write a series of novels centered around the character “Casca Rufio Longinius” Who is cursed for pi Librarian Note: Immortal Dragonand 33, Casca: Bear rated it liked it Oct 14, Want to Read saving…. Apr 28, Timothy Boyd rated it really liked it.