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Cable max height Logico mini sospensione 3 in linea: Luminous intensity Photometric value expressing the lighting power of a source for solid angle unit. Used to obtain all types of caatalogo calculations and related documentation in accordance with the legal regulations in force in various countries, as well as visualisations and animations for a realistic rendering of a project. The shaped section allows the reflected light to be deviated towards specific angles, so that the dazzle effect is removed.

Measured in metres m and nano metres nm.

Steradian sr SI unit derived from a solid angle which, having its vertex in the centre of artemie sphere, cuts an area of the spherical surface equal to that of a square having the radius of the sphere as its side. Ampere A The SI base unit used to measure the intensity of electric current.


Antiquities 2 pagina 5/12 – Artemide Aste

Standard EN Standard regarding electrical safety of lighting devices. According to the principle of equality between work and energy, power measures the amount of energy exchanged in the unit of time, in any transformation process, whether this is mechanical, electrical, thermal or chemical. Also, it can switch on and off and create scenaries with light fittings belonging to a same system.


Black actalogo lekythos with ribbed body. Rods Photoreceptors of the retina in which pigments are sensitive to scotopic vision. For each zone the thickness of the lens is limited, while the continuous curve is transformed into a series of surfaces of non-continuous with the same curvature.

It is a fundamental magnitude in the International System. Incandescent source Lamp in which the light is produced using an element brought to incandescence by the passage of electric current, cxtalogo emits radiation in the visible range. Iso-illuminance curve, isolux curve Locus of points belonging to a surface at which the light intensity has the same value.

Fluorescent source Discharge lamp catalovo the low pressure mercury type in which most of the light is emitted by a layer of fluorescent material excited by the ultraviolet radiation of the discharge. Asta organizzata e gestita da Artemide Kunstauktionen GmbH.

Alabastron, with female head, rosettes on shoulder[ Cable max height diffusers: Multi lens optic Optical system made of more lenses, used to make very precise projections.


Ultraviolet radiation Optical radiation with wavelengths shorter than those of visible radiation.


Refraction Physical phenomenon that occurs when a ray of light projects onto a border between two mediums with a different refraction index or with two adtemide densities.

This happens when the light hits a border between two optical mediums, one firmer and one softer. Login Password persa Registrati. Luminous Flux the BIN defines the amount of luminous flux emitted. Cable max height Logico sospensione 3 in linea: Angle of inclination Angle of inclination calculated upward from the horizontal of a lighting fixture.

With a female head in profile to the left, wearing radiate stephane and sakkos, within alternate bands of artemidde and black, details in added yellow and whit[ Dialux Light design software. Voltage arte,ide Voltage drop Vf is a synonym of the potential difference. Trefoil shaped mouth, ring foot. The body with twin handle[ The field can be monocular or binocular.

This standard also defines the maximum luminance of a device to be used in environments where there are video terminals.