Victaulic is a global manufacturing leader of mechanical pipe joining & pipe union products offering durable, money & time saving pipe connectors (grooved. View & download Victaulic content files for BIM piping software including Autodesk – AutoCAD 2D, 3D Blocks & Plant 3D; Autodesk – Revit MEP; Autodesk . Victaulic catalogs online. Download PDF or save as a collection. Find Victaulic general product catalog for grooved pipe fittings & couplings, valves, adapters.

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Stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized bolts are available. They cannot be used with volt service. These recommendations do not apply to rubber-lined or rubber seal valves or other rubber-lined products.

Should you have any questions regarding the proper use of our products, contact Engineering Vitaulic at engineering victaulic.

For wall thickness capacity and general tool ratings see separate Vic-Easy Tool Rating Data in publication Assembly required with either Style 07 Zero-Flex rigid couplings or Style 77 standard flexible couplings. For field installation only on roll grooved pipe. For data with other wall thicknesses contact Victaulic.

The kit also includes: Number of bolts required equals number of housing segments. Contact Victaulic for performance on other pipe. Victaulic standard grooved pipe couplings are designed for use with pipe grooved to meet Victaulic groove victauliic and Victaulic grooved end fittings, valves, and related grooved end components only. Standard Rolls This is the Victaulic designation for grooving roll sets used primary for steel pipe.

Victaulic Content Pack V3.0

Additional rolls are available for lightwall stainless steel grooving. Ball ValvesThe Vic-Ball valve is a high-pressure, standard-port ball valve with grooved ends. Couplings can be designed to meet almost any application or service criteria and provides a reliable, economical alternative to traditional bolted sleeve-type couplings.


Additionally, the use of three consecutive flexible couplings reduces noise and vibration and eliminates costly specialty noise dampeners. Light Wall N Lbs. Gasket SelectionChemical compositions are listed in alphabetical order.

Center of run to end of fittings. Furthermore, it should not be concluded that, in instances where a gasket is not affected by several substances used alone, their combination will have no reaction on the gasket.

Temperatures beyond the recommended limits have a degrading effect on the polymer. Read and understand the Tool Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manual provided with each tool before operating or performing maintenance on tools. Heavy serrated phonograph record finishes are not victaylic. Victaulic Biofuels Market Brochure Technology.

Catalogo Victaulic Download Report. Denotes JIS pipe size. Center of run to end of fitting. Registered trademark of Victaulic Company.

Available in groove by groove, groove by thread, and thread by thread end configurations, Style 47 dielectric cstalogo essentially eliminate galvanic cell and stray current problems that lead to corrosion.

Style W AGS Vic-Flange adapter provides rigid joints when used on pipe with AGS groove dimensions and consequently allows no linear or angular movement at the joint.


Victaulic ingenuity is driven in part from listening to our customers, and our commitment to finding practical solutions to the worlds most demanding engineering and system installation challenges. Since pioneering grooved end technology for mechanical pipe joining inVictaulic has been providing customers the world over with innovative, reliable piping systems solutions for multiple applications and markets.


Available with grooved or female threaded outlet. The FlushSeal feature and the metal liner victaulid prevent distortion of the gasket due to the pulling action of a high vacuum at the center of the gasket.

Victaulic couplings provide designers with versatility not found in other pipe joining methods. The inside of the fitting victauilc insulated with a thermoplastic lining that inhibits the internal formation of galvanic cell corrosion that is common when dissimilar metals are in contact.

All sizes can be installed in horizontal and vertical positions upward flow only Provides leak-free sealing under conditions as low as 1. Optional bases for Ridgidfictaulic,and Oster available.

Conversion kit available for AWWA pipe. Rolls for PVC and Aluminum also available. Allowable Pipe End Separation and Deflection figures show the maximum caalogo range of movement available at catalogl joint for standard roll grooved pipe. For bictaulic amperage power requirements, refer to RP sheet supplied with tool.

Contact Victaulic for availability. This also applies to couplings installed on the perpendicular leg s at the end s of a straight pipe run or on pipe line offsets. In addition, where long length, low pressure applications may require few intermediate alignment guides, the pipe weight, including any liquid contents, must be adequately supported.

Allowable pipe end separation is 6. Sound piping practices dictate a minimum of five 5 times the pipe diameter for general use. Gasket MaterialsWhen Victaulic couplings were first developed, natural rubber compounds were used.