Rabindranath Tagore develop an early love for literature, and had begun The theme of the play Chandalika is the realization by a chandal girl that she is a. Chandalika Rabindranath Tagore was a poet, novelist, shortstory writer and dramatist. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in Tagore’s interest. TAGORE’S DANCE DRAMA CHANDILIKA Based on a Buddhist tale ‘Chandalika’ was published in the form of a dance drama in and was for the first time.

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Chandalika is based on a Buddhist legend. She got immoral and selfish for achieving the unachievable.

Reason and judgment should be the basis of religious ideology. This subjectivity is not just externally imposed but is ingrained in the subaltern culture and consciousness. At the behest of Prakriti, her mother grudgingly agrees to use her witch craft and necromancy to get Ananda for Prakriti. Thus drama as a social tool aims to motivate, inform, educate and arouse the consciousness of individuals in society with a view of making them aware of their responsibilities as members of society whose duty it is to take their destinies in their hands and make the world a better place.

Consequently, Buddha breaks the magic spell and frees Ananda, who walks away from the Chandalini, as pure as he came. According to the story Ananda, the famous disciple of the Buddha, approaches towards a well to ask for water from a Chandalini, a young untouchable girl.

Ananda teaches her not to belittle herself even if the whole society might think otherwise. Tagore wrote this play when the caste system was in its peak position. So we have to accept it until some trendsetters appear. Anonymous September 14, at She is a rebel who questions societal norms that relegated her to an existence of a lesser being, an untouchable. There is a divine purpose behind the diversity of languages, religion, culture and caste. With his acute sensitivity and worldwide experience, he perceived its insidiousness with greater clarity than any other Indian.

Religious and communal superstitions were reflected in the social life of the country due to lack of free relations with the progressive forces of the world. Remember me on this computer.


According to me why the gabindranath Prakriti has been as untouchable girl. Casteism is a given system. Mousham Dhakal July 7, at 6: Instead of that she might have been from poor girl.

Man it sure is good to have a summary of rabindrznath you provide fit in my head before giving an exam The caste in India are armed with the feeling of six thousand years of social and class superiority. Society is a grinding machine. As you will graduate through this BBA before you know what hit you This small incident sparks a new self-realization rabindrnath Prakriti.

Their variety in purpose, theme, structure, language and treatment is astonishing.

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She got a strong means to fight with the giant casteism in the monk. Thank u this really helped me in my performance in my school in this dance drama. He wrote a large number of plays over a long period of time. Tagore advances the view that even religion rxbindranath survive on the grounds of logic but the religion that fails to protect the dignity of individual should not be encouraged.

He felt that it was one of the darkest spots degrading humanity in the estimation of the civilized world and if not foiled it would remain an everlasting shame and agony.

Summary of the ‘Chandalika’ by Rabindranath Tagore

His non — conformism was more radical and consistent that made him a fearless critic of social practices and religious beliefs such as denunciation of caste system, the world denying streak of ascetics, the role of priest, etc. The narrative of Chandalika is an evidence of the subaltern protest against Brahmanical hegemony and it explores possible ways of redemption.

It has rendered them mentally and physically handicapped and therefore tagofe the idea of protest seems to be a dream and they cannot think of harboring any resentment against it.

Tagore’s Chandalika as a rabindranathh drama. Such readings of us however chandapika the most social concerns of the play like casteism and sexuality which make the play more as a social document than a mere stage show of entertainment and aesthetics.


In other words, the theme of this play is the awakening of a sense of her identity in a chandal girl, and her newly acquired awareness that her having been born as a chandal girl does not mean that she is a non-entity. Ananda, a disciple of Lord Buddha Ananda himself was an untouchable before accepts a drink of water from her. After the Sanskrit drama ceased to be acted and was read only as literature, theatre of the people flourished for many centuries and catered to the Indian masses.

The supreme achievement of Indian drama is undoubtedly Kalidasa, who is often called the Shakespeare of India. The artist has used this medium to highlight the value system of a society, for the purpose of enlightening, educating and motivating the people. In he wrote Chandalika, a drama based on an old Buddhist legend. Chandailka play revolves around the complexities of human mind and its conflicting needs and wants. Click here to sign up.


Rabindranath Tagore, the winner of nobel prize for literature, is the first great Indian writer whose creative endeavors — poetry, prose, drama — present a superb Triveni of Philosophy, Mysticism, and Humanism.

The making of any artist owes to the cycle of his time, viz. Through this play, Tagore has given massage of equality without discrimination of caste and creed. Boddho bhikku jol testa mitiye bhaaglo r chondal konna bristi bihin boishakhi din hoye porey roilo Rabindranath Tagore develop an early love for literature, and had begun reading biographies, poems, history, Sanskrit and several others by the age of In November he again took up the cudgels against untouchability: It was only after the British set up their regime in India that the crippled Indian drama received new strength and witnessed a revival.

She only wishes to obtain human status.