Feuchtgebiete [Charlotte Roche] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Feuchtgebiete (Wetlands in German) [Charlotte Roche] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hard to Find book. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Audiobook CD release of Feuchtgebiete on Discogs.

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When it came down to it, she just had good taste in men the story never seemed to suggest that feuchtgebiets men don’t exist, just that Helen naturally stayed away from them.

But, so long as they wipe, aren’t deliberately walking around with dried semen under their fingernails, and don’t ever land in the hospital because the complete stranger who usually shaves their anus is unavailable one day, leading them to cut themselves in a delicate area that quickly becomes infected – you have done a splendid job.

Roche chooses scatology as charloyte playground. Sie nimmt deinen Tampon, du ihren.


A sexually active woman since she was fifteen, roxhe has had sex with lots of men and boys and describes herself as continuously randy. But the fact that it is what it is makes up for them. Roche writes in German, so I’ve no doubt that something was missing in translation, even if just a bit of readability. And, I can offer you the following guidelines: I listened to this in German as an audiobook and was thankful that it wasn’t likely anyone overhearing would understand.


A decade later, I felt ready to find out for myself.

For me that is, though I guess I can understand why some people had an aversion to the content. She loves to attract potential sexual partners by parading, underneath her dress, her unwashed vulva and the smells emanating from it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Ich kann dem Buch nichts abgewinnen.

And it’s here, on the charlotts part, that the story also becomes surprisingly warmer and more interesting. Warum um dieses Buch nun so ein Spektakel gemacht wurde, kann ich in keiner Weise nachvollziehen.

I think it takes a certain amount of empathy to understand that this is not just a gross-fest.

Charlotte Roche – Feuchtgebiete – Fred German Channel

However, what caused an unbelievable fuzz ten years ago was how it’s written. Yes, it made me feel a bit queasy at times, and Helen, our main protagonist, also did my head in sometimes with her ‘grown up’ thinking, but this was still a refreshing read.

There’s been alot of buzz around this book and its “new feminism”, but there’s really nothing worthwhile about this book. Not to mention that “Wetlands” is so poorly written that it shouldn’t be allowed to make fekchtgebiete sort of statement about anything. Fuck this fucking book! And it was completely unsentimental.

I don’t understand that at all. Jetzt frage ich mich, warum so ein Hype um das Buch gemacht wurde. People who are uptight about their bodies, or who prefer to avoid thinking about feuchtgebiets fact that our bodies secrete substances and smell weird and so on and so forth.


You’ve ever wanted to wonder whether if it was necessary to know a character’s name once you know she stuffs avocado pits into her chucha as though she were no more than an inedible new age olive – personally, I came up with “No.

As to the denoument: I consider myself a feminist and I do agree that women are held up to ridiculous standards of cleanliness and charlogte. However, while you are reading it, your mind will wander among all of the other things it could be reading fechtgebiete books where language is beautiful; books that are written by authors who, instead of hauling out the thesaurus when they’ve run out of ways feuhctgebiete talk about their character’s assholes, never even bring them up; books where the story, though perhaps at times harrowing, is ultimately worthwhile, one that will stay with you throughout your life, and mean different things to you as you age.

Feuchtgebiete by Charlotte Roche

Another one of them abouts women who onl Good for the way it ends: Jan 15, Sara rated it liked it Shelves: Anal-sex having, booger eating, and hygiene-hating. She was in control.

You equate promiscuity with feminism – Yeah, this book is not going to help un-muddy those waters for you.