This exception is the Chashma Barrage Project located on river Indus in district Mianwali. Built between to , it is one of the many. Chashma Barrage. Location: 32º 25′ N, 71º 22′ E; 25 km southwest of Mianwali, off the Mianwali – Dera Ismail Khan road, Punjab Province. Also includes areas. Chashma Barrage (Chashmabarrage) (Pakistan) Map, Weather and Photos. Chashma Barrage (Chashmabarrage) is a dam (a barrier constructed across a.

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Pakistan must own the FATF project. The original owners of the land having been displaced and lately, professional bandits thinning out, the area has entered baerage another era.

National and international environmental standards must be met not only in theory and as a lip service but in practice. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. The review team should include environmental experts if not for a chqshma role, at least as important members of the group. The bulb turbines have been installed for the first time in Pakistan. ICC punishes Mickey Barragd for showing ‘dissent’ after controversial decision. Width of Navigation Lock: ChashmaMianwali District.

Chashma Barrage discharge measurement fault ractified

Exceptions, however, prove the rule. It was learnt that this fault was causing less discharge of water down-stream Chashma Barrage.

The right bank high level irrigation canal is also serving the desired objective. The official directed the technical expert team to submit a detailed report about the technical fault till June 30thso that appropriate measures could be taken and any disruption could be avoided in future. The political party landscape remains wracked with judicial complications and ongoing accountability pressures.


ONE has to look harder and harder to discern the economic message and direction of the government.

The ministry claims that the fault ratification in no time is evidence of coordination between Wapda and IRSA. The barrage, with its pond level at SPD, submerged sq miles sq km of beautiful farmland. Realistic cost estimates should be prepared and funds arranged. Retrieved 25 April Struggle for survival of these families continues after 35 years.

Link and Chashma right bank canal area and remedial actions taken as and where necessary. The most important aspect of any development of the like nature where large-sale displacement is involved is that the resettlement gets the top priority.

Environmental impact of Chashma Barrage June 20, The project environmental directorate should remain in existence long after, to monitor any adverse impact after the commissioning of the project. Environmental monitoring could bring out this glaring source of environmental degradation and tell the concerned authorities to see, sense and take appropriate steps.

The downstream of the barrage suffered even bigger disaster. Further damages and some impacts of non-permanent in nature can be redressed or at least mitigated.

Uprooting people and throwing them out in wilderness of the Thal desert, in state land already in unauthorized occupation of the local people and without providing the promised infrastructure, is height of injustice to the affected people.

Environmental impact of Chashma Barrage – Newspaper –

The benefits of Chashma have considerably increased by the addition of MW hydro electric power plant. The inspection team may include experts from national environment organization or their approved consultant. Affected persons after leaving their chashhma and homes, expect to get a fair deal. It continues to divert Indus waters to Jhelum. Barrages and Headworks in Pakistan.

  ASTM D 3299 PDF

Chashma project however, suffers from multifarious deficiencies on the environmental side. It is only regrettable that it was not built according to its optimized capacity of MW.

Chashma Barrage

As a matter of fact, the facilities might be upgraded to meet baarrage current standards. For this end in view, the following suggestions are offered by way of illustration, for the eyes and ears of experts.

Wapda may certainly boast of a fairly creditable record in meeting environmental standard. The ancient towns on the left bank highlands aree seriously affected. Archived from the original on 7 July It lays eggs at certain locations on the body of the cattle perforating the skin with fatal consequences.

Moreover, it has now the benefit of a continuous cash badrage from its hydroelectric project. Alarm bells in India over US plan to cut troops in Afghanistan. Its role as a chaahma of food grain and livestock seems to be returning but still remaining a lawless area.