Ahmed Deedat Language: English | Format: PDF| Pages: | Size: 17 MB The Choice – Islam and Christianity: Two Volumes, By Ahmed. Islam and Christianity: The Choice [Ahmed Deedat] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. good condition. Written by famed South African scholar and author, Ahmed Deedat, the book The Choice Vol.1 is the first of two volumes of his most popular series of booklets.

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After Pope John Paul II had called for deeper mutual understanding, respect and dialogue with the Muslims, [30] Deedat challenged him in to a public debate in the Vatican Squarebut the Pope did not accept. Membuktikan kalo Syehk Ahmed deedat adalah seorang Muslim dan Kristolog yang ulung dan susah dicari tandingannya. May 17, mirna sm rated it it was zhmed.

His fame is thus based not aymed the mastery of Islamic sciences but on his thoroughgoing knowledge of the Bible. The work he had done is priceless. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

None of those offering Deedat’s material think it to be “worth the effort” to give reference to John Gilchrist’s responses, even though most of them know about this web site. The first, entitled Is Jesus God? Such accusations offended Deedat and created his interest in comparative religion. Bagi tokoh-tokoh Nasrani Internasional, baik yang suka maupun yang membencinya,begitu herannya akan kemampuan Ahmad Deedat dalam menangkap pesan-pesan ajaran Islam dan Kristen.

Oct 15, Yusuf Ks rated it liked it Recommends it for: While produced in an excellent low-key reference quality binding on the outside, the insides however retain the customary Deedat attention-grabbing look with bolds and capitals abounding on each page for emphasis.

The Choice : Islam & Christianity Volume 1 Hardcover (Ahmed Deedat)

Jan 02, Hardini rated it really liked it. This was widely sold at subsidised cost to the general public, and is often mentioned in Deedat’s speeches. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He said that Rushdie cboice a hypocrite and has blasphemed holy personalities. Seeing the popularity of the classes, Mr. Oct 11, Danang rated it really liked it. I read this a long time ago, but I seem to recall that many of the arguments presented in this book are too weak and I can imagine them easily rebuffed.


Deedat himself was one of the guides, hosting tourists and giving introductions to Islam and its relationship with Christianity.

The Choice – Ahmed Deedat

This edition of Deedat’s Choice is a collection of deevat of his original smaller works. I’d like to re-read this one some day, though, just to see if my first impression holds.

Deedat debated with televangelist Jimmy Swaggart in November Archived from the original on 12 March The vast ornamental Jumma Mosque was a landmark site in the tourist friendly city of Durban. Apa yang chioce tahu pada saat itu?

zhmed But most are not aware that John Gilchrist has written several books and booklets giving a thorough Christian response to Deedat’s material as well as on other topics of importance in the dialog between Christians and Muslims. Further responses to Deedat Answering Ahmed Deedaat a new blog with a couple of responses so far The charge that the Bible uses pornographic language and therefore cannot be from God Deedat’s ignorance in his comments ahmd Greek Background information on Deedat’s stroke, paralysis and death Personal letter to Deedat 25 November Open letter to Deedat 13 August Detailed account of Deedat’s Downfall published 11 July Deedat died on 8 August Archived 27 September at the Wayback Machine.

Hardback Description from the publisher: Padahal asalnya Deedat, hanya imigran miskin dari India, yang kemudian jadi warga kelas dua di negeri Afrika Selatan yang kala itu masih rasialis. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Paperback Description from the publisher: Deedat also produced a booklet entitled “Al-Qur’an: Dialog Islam – Kristen by Ahmed Deedat.

Inwhile working as a furniture salesman, he met a group of missionaries at a Christian seminary on the Natal South Coast vhoice, during their efforts to convert people of Muslim faith, chocie accused the Islamic Prophet Muhammad of having “used the sword” to bring people to Islam. Interestingly, in the booklet “The God that never was”, Ahmed Deedat doesn’t even dare to mention the name of the person he is trying to make fun of John Gilchrist: Among Deedat’s close friends were Goolam Hoosein Vanker and Taahir Rasool, whom many refer to as ‘the unsung heroes ceedat Deedat’s career’.


Retrieved 12 January Deedat’s first internationally well-known debate took place in Augustwhen he debated well-known Christian preacher Josh McDowell in Durban, South Africa.

King Faisal International Prize Apr 29, Yoga rated it it was amazing.

The Choice: Islam and Christianity

Retrieved 15 August Soon it became apparent that working from the mosque office was not going to be sufficient to handle the demand for literature and to facilitate an increasing number of people showing more than simply tourist level interest in Islam.

Get exclusive offers and notices of new products sent directly to your inbox. Deedat himself featured as one of the guides, hosting tourists and giving succinct introductions to the Islamic Religion and the relationship between Islam and Christianity. John Gilchrist on the contrary always references his rebuttals carefully to Deedat’s publications so that the reader can check for himself who speaks the truth. And this fear seems to be chice among the Islamic web site maintainers as well.

The Choice Islam And Christianity – Volumes (One & Two) | Islam Future → The Future For Islam

The biblical verses quoted to argue against Christianity are open for many kinds of interpretation, especially those using figurative language, so if I were a Christian, I think I would not find his interpretation too convincing. His international profile grew inwhen he received the King Faisal Award for his services to Islam in the field of Dawah Islamic missionary activity. By debater extraordinaire and founder of the Islamic Propagation Centre in South Hcoice, this book of Ahme Deedat’s is a collection of his most popular series of booklets on Islam and Christianity.