The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. Originally published in German in This edition derives from an English trans- lation published in The drawings on this page appeared as illustrations in The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published by Lectorium Rosicrucianum, a Rosicrucian. The Chymical Wedding is an allegoric story divided into Seven Days, or Seven Journeys, and which tells us how Christian Rosenkreuz was invited to go to a.

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This was arched into seven hemispheres, and at the top of the middle and rowenkreutz of these I spied a small aperture. The first is short but dangerous, and one which will lead you into rocky places, through which it will scarcely be possible to pass.

I took up the letter in fear and trembling, and found it so heavy as almost to outweigh gold. Into this silence delicately stepped a snow-white unicorn, a golden collar about his neck.

Andrew’s Cross having four roses, one in each of the angles.

The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

No sooner had we re-entered the Treasury than in flew the little Cupid, who promptly locked the copper door leading down to Venus’s chamber, exclaiming: The crown at the ceiling refers to the Crown of the Great Work. The fifth and seventh are equal. This Website is hosted for free by Tripod. He gave to the world the watchwords “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”; and though these were misunderstood by the French Revolutionists in the first flush of wild excitement, rightly interpreted they can become watch-words of our present epoch and the key to the development of the future.

An hour later, pages came in, bound all nine of us with ropes, and left us to spend the night in darkness and discomfort, bewailing our presumption in accepting the Wedding invitation.

When he chymicla a pigeon and a rave both alchemical symbols he finds himself chymiacl one of the paths. Its anonymous authorship is attributed to Johann Valentin Andreae. It was sealed with a little seal which bore a curious cross, together with the inscription, “In this Chymidal conquer,” at which I felt greatly comforted, knowing that this sign was little acceptable, and much less eosenkreutz, to the devil.

Then an old man with ice-grey locks appeared at the edge of the opening, calling for silence. Soon after this he died, having in this incarnation been kept withdrawn from outer earthly activity. This chymkcal being hollow, we were able cchymical sit within it and contemplate the stars glittering in an agreeable order in the interior of the Earth, and moving so gallantly that I had scarce any mind christiian to go out again, as our page told our Virgin, and with which she twitted me, roxenkreutz it was already supper time, and I was almost the last at table.


There the matter must rest, however, and the first cycle of Rosicrucianism literature comes to a close. This is the spiritual call. But those with ropes had to wait until these had been suspended for them from iron hooks, and even then the ascent was not compassed without blisters. Here for several hours we stayed, seeing treasures none of the others were permitted to see, such as the Royal Wedsing, with its glorious Phoenix, and a most noble Library. One after another, the other two Kings and the three Queens submitted with silent dignity to the same fate.

Many occupied themselves in copying the paintings; but I, on whom the page of greatest power had been bestowed, was led with my companion into parts of the Castle christkan kept private, the keys of these having been committed to my page. Our Virgin warned us to tie him up before we fed him; this we did, setting lf on the warm sand and bringing him the blood of the beheaded Kings and Queens to drink, whereupon he grew before our eyes, became covered with black feathers, and bit and scratched so devilishly that, could he have had his will upon any of us, he would soon have despatched us.

The events of this story span seven days and are divided into seven chapters, each chapter relating a different day. All other books and lectures quoted are by Rudolf Steiner unless otherwise stated.

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Again she fell into the hands of the Moors and was rescued by an ancient knight; she was restored to her lost kingdom and crowned queen. At once a snow-white dove fluttered down from the branches above, betaking herself to me very familiarly, and I willingly shared my slice of bread with her.

I was mightily terrified when he lit a torch from a small, ever-burning taper, and asked how he durst do this.

They all have developed their own philosophies, sometimes contradictory to each other. To me she said: I am not associated with them, but I like their Gnostic approach. These we laid on two little satin cushions, and beheld them till we were almost besotted upon chhmical exquisite an object. CRC is on the top of the tower, that is, he is at the level of the crown chakra.

Howbeit, he yielded not one drop of blood till he was opened on the breast, and then the blood spun out so fresh and clear as if it had been a fountain of rubies. After supper, the old lord led us into his closet of rareties where we saw such wonderful productions of Nature and other things which man’s wit, in imitation of Nature had invented, that we needed a year sufficiently to survey them.


In the first the musicians seated themselves, of which the old lord had a great number. The hair cut off was carefully gathered up by invisible hands and carried away. The King accordingly sent to invite his to join us; and as we all wevding at table he made his strict survey.

His head was wrapped in a black cloth; his blood was caught in a golden cup; both were placed with his body in the first coffin.

Yourself examine first with care; Let him who weighs too light beware; No guest this Wedding can endure Who keeps not watch and is not pure. There is a tablet fastened to one of them which tells of four paths. I can read it ten times, like a child with its picture-book.

For this first tentative effort in understanding the story we have drawn largely on Rudolf Steiner’s three articles published in Das Reich October to Chymicak entitled “The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz”. So are the last and first. Then the two stateliest ships, E and F, whose flags were the Sun and Moon, having no passengers. When we reached the first Portal, the Guardian in his sky-blue habit awaited us, a supplication in his hand; this he delivered to me, begging me to use my good offices in lying it before the King.

To make choice you shall cast lots. The second path in the text is the path taught in John’s gospel, as CRC is told not to turn to the left or right on this path and John’s is the only account not to mention two men crucified to the right and to the left of Jesus while on the cross as thieves John The Duchess directed each of her virgins to take up one, and to our Virgin she gave her own, the largest and heaviest.

So we went forth to the sea, where our ships lay richly equipped.