Part no Shaft (T). (D). (C). (B) (L) (H) Fr KN. (G). (W) (N) Fn KN. 3. + + + SEEGER® Rings for shafts and bores are the most common retaining rings. Standard External Circlips: DIN Metric. Most sizes over mm are without lugs. Measurements in mm & kN. Shaft. Circlip Dimensions.

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Supplementary data is applicable only to circlips in spring steel in accordance with DIN Hexagon socket head screws.

Retaining rings for shafts DIN St. Pins, dowels and keys. Building maintenance and cleaning. Product ” ” will be removed from the shopping list. Maximum Symmetrical Diameter of Bore during Fitting [d 4 ]. Product added to shopping list. 41, blind rivets and rivet nuts. Metric external circlip dimensions are shown in the following chart according to the DIN standard. Circlips are fitted with spring retention in grooves and are suitable for the transmission of axial forces.


Copy the product rows from Excel by selecting adjacent columns where the first one contains product codes and second contains quantity. Nominal Shaft Diameter [d 1 ]. After dim paste the rows to text field below and click “Import”.


Groove Diameter [d 2 ]. Search from products Search from etra. Electric tools and accessories. AmesWeb Calculators Fastener Size. Shaft Diameter d 1. Order by product code.

All items on the shopping list will be permanently removed and cannot be recovered. Shopping list is empty. Fischer anchors and other fasteners. Internal Diameter of Circlip Not under tension [d 3 ]. You can add comments about the products on the list, and these will also xirclip included on your printed shopping list.

Retaining rings for shafts DIN 471 St

Transmission and conveyor components. Your Etra customer ID. Please check availability from your nearest Etra Megacenter store. Detachment Speed of the Circlip ccirclip abl ].


External Circlip Dimensions for Shafts (Metric)

Details of load-bearing capacities calculation for different parameters are given in DIN Pipe plugs and lubricating nipples. Retaining rings for bores DIN Shaft diameter nominal dimension and circlip thickness s Ex: Minimum Edge Margin [n min ].

dim If you are a contract customer and wish to order products directly, please pick your products in the web shop instead. Details are given in DIN The load-bearing capacities F NF RF Rg contain no safety against yielding under static stress nor against fatigue fracture under fluctuating stress.