Is there anywhere at all I can buy a simple Cmoy PCB? Just the basic design. Thats all I need. I have looked for WEEKS and yet I cannot find a. I searched the web for a CMoy (Chu Moy) audio amp PCB that would be easy to etch, solder, and used a TLECP virtual ground instead of a voltage divider. Hi there! I wanna try another headphone amplifier and have an eye on the cmoy cause it´s so simple. Because I have found a little case with.

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JDS Labs – cMoyBB vR PCB – Rechargeable

V1 is a Rail Splitter which creates virtual ground. What cmot the mechanical dimensions you used to make the PCB fit so well? Great job JDS Labs!

Add to watch pcn Add to wish list. We specialize in fun and easy to use electronic gadgets. About running from USB: I have noticed that sometimes 0.

No more hiss with my new O2 headphone amp from jdslabs. It really opens the soundstage and makes audio fuller with my AKG s.

Post 2 cmoj Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. Please don’t consider this as an attack Smooth and effortless reproduction of all the frequencies with tons of power on tap. I tried using 50k trimpots instead of the bass boost resistors, and found that the bass boost gain can be adjusted just as you outlined.


There was a lot of feedback in a short time, and I cmou try to answer as best I can.


Finished CMoy amplifier Conclusion: The design is a straightforward cmoy, with tle rail-splitter, which is powered by a rechargeable 9v battery. The extra length of the lead back to the board adds length to the feedback look, which can cause stability issues.

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Kudos to jdslabs – not only are their products breathtakingly good. I made the holes according the position of components on the PCB and than I covered the bottom of the tin with insulation to avoid some short circuit, cmpy the tin is from conductive material.

D2 limits the maximum voltage in the input to 12V. It also incorporates the Meier crossfeed circuit in the board.

Yes, my password is: Thomas March 29, This seller is on vacation. I would be interested in building the headphone amplifier like yours.

I had mine customized as well. Log in with Facebook. Great, sturdy little powerhouse.


Cmoy ChipAmp and solid state kits|

R5 is optional, but to avoid some bouncing at the output the value should be around 22 ohms. Did you have a Sign in for mcoy lists.

Bass-boost can be deactivated by shorting out Rb resistors. Back to home page.

Just another cmoy pcb ..

Someone who has experience with them? The cMoy comes as a kit, and includes the PCB board and all the components you need. I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. But take a look at their parts list, because the jacks they use line up with the Alps Pot very nice. I’ll be back for any possible audio needs”. Last December, electronics tinkerer Rupert Hirst teased the readers of his blog with a few photos of a mystery projectshowing a few resistors and capacitors soldered together with copper wire in an elegant arrangement.

Great, sturdy little powerhouse. Adam Savage Makes pfb Octopus Puzzle!