Repair and service information for the Contax camera. We provide free online pdf manuals for digital and film cameras: Contax MD, , MT, , Aria, G, i, N, RTS, SL, T, TVS, U. Contax Quartz 35mm SLR camera, Contax Q, Q. TTL metering system using a silicon photo diode, manual or aperture-priority exposure controls .

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Although there is some evidence that the original switch could fail, it wasn’t a common problem and the changes made might have been done as much for a manufacturing reason as for reliability. Silver-coated prism with horizontal split-image spot, surrounded by a micro-prism collar. The ones that got away. Sadly the prognosis was that a replacement shutter was the only sure fix, and the cost exceeded that of buying a fully serviced Full exposure information visible in the viewfinder with individual shutter speeds on the right lit by LED.

Of course, the self-timer is quartz timed too. The lens aperture setting is shown in a window at the top of the viewfinder, and shutter speeds via a bank of LEDs.

Contax 139Q

These are the ones that got away. Personal tools Log in. Setting AE lock lever locks in shutter speed in effect at time of setting. The release magnet is a combination magnet that holds the mechanism in its cocked position using a permanent magnet.

Contax Quartz instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

Yashica also manufactured the Yashica FX-D which was seen as a budget version of the with less features but, in fact, was largely a completely different camera. The electrical pulse energises an electromagnet which is in opposition to the permanent magnet and so cancels the magnetic field so releasing the mechanism.

Every now and then you get a duff camera: The most common problem with the is a sticking release magnet. Exposure compensation is available and can be adjusted by over or under 2 EV.


These were, at least in part, to overcome some reliability issues with early examples. The electronic shutter release causes an electrical pulse to be sent to the release magnet. Another change that took place was to the transfer switch. Automatic count-up and reset.

The original transfer switch was replaced around the same time as the magnet change and then changed again around serial numberQuartz-timed electronic self-timer with precise 10 sec delay.

In later models, the magnet and associated mechanism were improved which largely eliminated the problem. It has a centre-weighted TTL metering system using a silicon photo diode, manual or aperture-priority exposure controls, a DOF preview lever, an AE lock feature to retain metered shutter speeds and thus allow shots to be re-framed without changing the exposure values, an exposure compensation control, TTL synchronised flash with dedicated units a second SPD cell measures the light reaching the film planeand the option to attach a power winder and data back.

It didn’t seem like a bad price for an example advertised as being in FWO. Privacy policy About Camera-wiki. Shutter speeds indicated by 14 LEDs where flickering indicates the user set speed, and continuous illumination indicates the camera’s auto shutter speed. Some months later, I made arrangements for the camera to be serviced, but noticed that the second shutter curtain was not closing properly, and came to rest with a small gap of light showing.

This page has been accessed 11, times. I know buying off eBay is a complete gamble, but it’s always disappointing when a purchase proves to be total waste of money. The Contax cameras benefit from the first use of a quartz-timed, electronically-controlled, vertical metal shutters; the point being that shutter speeds were theoretically extremely accurate.

The Q had a quartz-timed, electronically-controlled vertical metal shutter that was very advanced for its day. Under manuald over exposure warnings. Sure, I could have tried to re-sell it, with full disclosure, but I didn’t really want to put a pile of crap back into circulation, and leave another collector disappointed.


In total there was something overunits made mqnuale just a handful of cameras with serial numbers abovehave been seen. And so my Contax quartz was consigned to the scrap heap. Views Read View source View history.

An optional winder, powered by four AA batteries, was available for the camera. The is a nice little camera, and one I would have been very happy to use. Over time, the face of the magnet becomes fouled and the armature becomes stuck to it so fails to move away when the magnetic field is turned off. Other new features included manual or aperture-priority exposure controls and a DOF preview lever. However, there are other’s in my collection that are just as good such as my humble Yashica FX-D.

Via crank and release button. The aperture information is on the top of the finder. Contax Quartz Fujica Fujicarex. If another should come along, which does actually work, I’d go for it, but not at any cost; I think the price I paid was about right. It is powered by two SR44 batteries.

Coupling for power winder. Retrieved from ” http: There is no known serial number data for the but available information shows the magnet problem was corrected in cameras with serial numbers above, approximately,It was manufactured by Yashica in Japan under licence to Zeiss. The viewfinder has a matte field with a horizontal split-image central spot surrounded by a micro-prism collar. The first thing I noticed, when the camera arrived, was that the mirror hung.