Ragini Tharoor Srinivasan on the graphic novelist Sarnath Banerjee, whose When Banerjee’s first book, “Corridor,” about the patrons of a. by Sarnath Banerjee. Many moons ago Sepoy posted about the forthcoming ‘first ever’ graphic novel from India, Corridor, by Sarnath Banerjee. In Corridor, one of the earliest graphic novels to be published in India, artist and filmmaker Sarnath Banerjee uses text and image to portray the.

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It’s a nice introduction to India and the realization that we are all the same. The first category comprises seafarers and travellers, mostly explorers or traders by profession.

The non-linear narrative works well with the wonderfully evocative artwork. From Coeridor Video Palace he also brings another adult hardcore film. I think I will revi Trust the reviews.

Corridor: A Graphic Novel by Sarnath Banerjee | BookDragon

This quest mostly involves hanging around with various characters who have no information for him but have much to say on a variety of topics. The narrative closes with Brighu, an illustrator and graphic designer, deliberating upon forging a pattern of sustainable corrifor in the midst of the crowd of alienated people he meets around. And that is when the real genius of Sarnath Banerjee comes to the fore.

Help Center Find new research papers in: I was most intrigued by his analysis of how graphic novels work in terms of the work that a reader does this in response to a question about comics being used to convey simple public interest educational messages:.

I have found only one interview with Banerjee in which his interlocutor gives him the sxrnath to be lucid, and his responses there are quite thought-provoking possibly because the interviewer is science fiction writer Samit Basu, who has also banerjef the stories for the Indian comic series Devi ; the interview is for his blogso Banerjee was able to answer fluently and at length in writing to his questions.


After listing four storytellers in this category, Ibn BattutaMarco PoloHueng Tsang and Jules Vernethe narration continues from the mouth of Tintinstanding near a cliff overlooking the sea with Snowy: One can always try, however, so let us start by creating a list of things that are important in both Corridor and Barn Owl:. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

If anyone reading this has a different perspective, I would be very happy to discuss it. I had no expectations, went soly on the cover and title. Salinger’s infamous The Catcher in The Rye. I loved Corridor, having spent many happy hours at the roadside booksellers pile in Connaught Place, not to mention the appearance of Sablok clinic and the party thrown by the smart South Delhi set.

Through a recurrent theme of public places, spaces devoid of belonging and spaces marked by placelessness, Banerjee portrays the fragmented urbanity in contemporary Delhi.

The storyline was fair enough. He knows everything he deems necessary from a library handed down tot him by three generations of ancestors. Dec 29, Marcy rated it did not like it. Email required Address never made public.

Corridor: A Graphic Novel, Sarnath Banerjee (2004)

These were the earliest Indian versions of graphic narratives, followed by the Tinkle and Chacha Choudhury series, both enormously popular among young readers. Besides the main characters whose layers are slowly peeled off, even the minor ones are etched with comic detail.

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Lets get one thing straight. His banerjeee don’t follow the ligne claire of Herge, but have a scratchier, more etched, feel that reminds me a bit of Art Spiegelman. Penguin India is clearly pleased with the idea that they have published the first and second ever graphic novels in India.


The narrative is non-linear and switches between the stories of the different characters. The smell of death that he carries home from a placeless space like morgue becomes the hindrance because of which his daughter keeps away from Murthy.

Graphic Novel Review: Sarnath Banerjee’s Corridor | অভিলাষ দে –

Perhaps the parameters of graphic narrative criticism have not yet permeated throughout academia just like facebook etiquette is not yet generally agreed upon! He regresses to the anal phase- expressed by accumulation and retention. The story is scattered and reads like the author was bamerjee when he wrote it.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Title pop Comics infobox without image All stub articles. Dec 23, Nishant Jha corrodor it liked it. Over a game of chess, Rangoonwalla is seen talking about these said characters one by one. It combines irreverent humor with sharp observations of a rapidly changing Indian society. One story unfolds and as soon sqrnath I start getting a grip on it, another begins.

Lying among scattered collection of odd banedjee, although in the home space, the narrator brings out the ennui that he carries home with him from all Vol. Murthy unfortunately carried with him the odour of a medical autopsy room, to which his daughter reacted aversely.

Oct 04, Sohini rated it liked it.