A cotillion is a Regency dance where you change partners, and Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion is a Regency Romance where everybody twirls and. The first book I assigned my continuing education class on Georgette Heyer at NC State was Regency Buck. The second was Cotillion, which I. Cotillion is not one of Georgette Heyer’s most well-known novels, nor is it one of the famous ones that get trotted out when trying to explain.

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Still, I cannot but assume you will think the book delightful. If you would like to share a new site, or point out an error, please email me. As always, Ms Heyer has a wide cast of other characters who add to the twists and turns of this plot and the story evolves in a series of complicated steps, just like the lively dance of her title.

And, of courseFreddy accepts the counterfeit betrothal and agrees to whisk Kitty off to London!

It is a book about not being that book — about not being that girl. You fans know the secondary character I’m referring to: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Breathlessly whirling with Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion

I work in program and professional development at Virginia Commonwealth University, and I have adored Jane Austen almost all of my life. Nobody really believes Freddy and Kitty’s engagement to be real, but they are so busy trying to untangle everyone else’s problems that they do not let it bother them.


Her males also where not very strong. He said that he had never seen such a set of rum touches in his life, and represented to Miss Charing in the strongest terms that another five minutes spent in the chapel would make them neyer feel as blue as megrim.

Anyone that needs to laugh: I have a very serious literature critic in my 12 year old daughter, I encouraged her to get past the start and a heroine who begins as VERY unexciting a common Georgette Heyerism-we learn to love our heroine for her actions, rather than initial looks and sparkling personality and cotil,ion just loved it! So many great characters in this book!

Want to Geodgette saving…. He is the perfect example of an alpha male in disguise; a well-dr This is a treasure, and was such a pleasure to read! Set in the Regency period, this is a classic tale of misunderstood love and an arranged marriage. But I found Lord Dolphinton to be a hoot! Beautiful but vapid beauty in distress? Georgettf was the first Heyer that I ever read.

We can go home now! I find myself quoting him regularly: And, chafing at the restrictions of Bath society, Annis has to admit that at least Mr Oliver Carleton is never boring. Well, if this don’t beat the Dutch!

No comment on himI don’t want to give anything away! A favourite hero Intricate plot with a charming anti hero one of Heyer’s most enjoyable coillion well told.


georgeette Warning there may be spoilers for in this review. Not only are they the two nicest human beings, but they actually argued over cotiillion The Unknown Ajax By: I love the story of Freddy or Jack and was worried that the audiobook couldn’t do it justice With a mind to beat the competition, she pretends to be a rich heiress and soon finds herself the talk of the town, pursued by the most eligible bachelors in the city.

Cotillion (novel) – Wikipedia

Sad to say, I have, on rare occasions, had a similar response to lauded museum exhibits, but having been a Classics major I cannot say that Greek statuary was ever the focus of my disappointment.

London, EnglandUnited Kingdom. Uncle Cotillionn, unconvinced by the announced engagement, guesses exactly what Kitty is up to; since it falls in with his own wishes, he allows Kitty to go to London. Cotillion – Finished, Spoilers Allowed Dec 25, Men’s Breeches, Pantaloons, and Trousers.

He was simply a nice mannered pink of the tonwilling to come to the help of a lady, somewhat clever in his own way. Seems like an easy choice for Kitty, but the only problem is that the saucy Jack has refused to answer the summons.

How much fun would that be?!!