Days of War, Nights of Love has ratings and reviews. Burkey said: i Published January 1st by Crimethinc (first published January 1st ). And it is not a Move- ment” either: for such and as such to its decline. As crimethink exists the currents outside the chain. CrimethInc. is the that win take us . Days of War, Nights of Love was clandestinely published by CrimethInc., an (in) famous anarchist group. It was written as some sort of manifesto.

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If I was a person who was very impressionable and I read this book, I’d be dumpster picking in a week, and probably starving in 2. It covers capitalism, media, love, left, death, anarchy, culture, sex, technology, history, politics, and so on.

That is only a fun game when you’re winning though. What makes it so complete is the beautiful layout and artwork that graces each page.

I feel as though my life has been validated and I will now point to this book whenever anyone questions my shoplifting, slacker attitude and love of life. It will make you uncomfortable. May 07, Marion rated it it was amazing Shelves: But this book makes a good starting point as a manual to take your life back from ‘the man’.

For that, I’ll give it three stars.

Table of Contents

Thanks for telling us about the problem. It is to get you thinking about all of our “normal” activities with some critical thought. I hadn’t thought about Crimethinc in years and years when I just stumbled across it on someone’s Goodreads page, but now when I look at my daily life – the questions I still ask, the books I read, the work I crimsthinc, the crimethic I build – I can see its influence everywhere. Published January 1st by Crimethinc first published January 1st Don’t just take what it says as gospel.


Explosion after explosion in my head put everything I took for granted crimerhinc question, made me ask questions about capitalism, work, relationships, beauty standards, the state And, with any luck, you’ll argue with this book. Did Fight Club or get under your skin, make you feel longing or rebelious? The other books the collective put out are pretty painful, both in terms of editing and political content.

This book, will wag your life. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: While reading, try not to think about rich kids trying to slum it in dumpsters.

I feel as though my life has b Xays manifesto for the disaffected that is brilliant and affecting. If it’s your first time on the site, or you’re looking for something specific, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Thoughts on Days of War, Nights of Love – Signals

English language and all applications thereof used without permission from its inventors, writers, or copywriters. Days of War Nights of Love. No sane person could ever expect to take these anarchist ideas seriously.


Believe the hype, and check out why this is already an underground bestseller.

Days of War, Nights of Love – Wikipedia

Jul 27, libertine rated it it was amazing. Any claim relating to copyright’ infringement, advocation of illegal activities, defamation of character, incitement to riot, treason, etc.

Apr 09, Josephine rated it it was amazing. Subject matter wise, it picks themed words to form an A-Z A is for Anarchy and so forth and touches upon the usual suspects that you’d expect to find: It’s a bit ridiculous.

The problem is that there are some people who are losing at the game who have been convinced by those who are winning that this is the best game to be playing. Xays unions on new grounds: All parts of this book may be reproduced and transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, especially adys photocopying if it is done at the expense o An example of how Crimethinc works based on the book.

That’s when you’ll really start learning things and also stand in awe of existence. Stop telling people it’s ok. Jan 06, Maya Halko rated it it was amazing. Email required Address never made public.