CoolMiniOrNot – Crom The Conqueror. The Internet’s largest gallery of painted miniatures, with a large repository of how-to articles on miniature painting. Nov 22, Vardek Crom, Herald of Archaon: Also known as Crom the Conqueror. A powerful warlord of the Kul tribe, Vardek Crom is allied with Archaon. Posts about Crom the Conqueror written by digitaldiva

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I had been tested and found to be a mighty warrior; Archaon tue me to accompany him for the remainder of his journey. As Grimgor was forced back against the wreckage of a chariot he desperately parried the sweep of my weapon, knocking my blade aside with a ringing blow. Even as the Orcs broke and turned to flee, the duel continued, neither of us willing to admit defeat.

Vardek Crom The Conqueror by Ivan “Regnvald” Serov · Putty&Paint

The camera pans to a assassin-like character who quickly stands himself upright and waves to the camera while trying to hide his poison coated stiletto behind his back:: Greeting Vardek Crom, can I call you Crom for short? Struck with teh, I instantly stopped my struggles, for the blade shone with a golden flame that danced conqueeror runes inscribed so finely as to be barely readable. Pretty standard for a character with Crom’s fluff, Crom has to accept any challenge he is offered.

However, it’s his special rules that really make him as a character. Enraged by their boldness, Crom strode out to meet them, and demanded Archaon face him in battle upon hearing his blasphemous claims.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I realized that Archaon could truly be the figure from my dreams, the chosen of the Gods and of the prophecy — he who would bring about the Storm of Chaos. Truly the greatest dream ever. Quite, at first the dark knight gave ground before the me, beating aside the ferocious attacks with his shield, seemingly unable to draw his own weapon in the face of such skill and ferocity.


You may as long as you can tell you fellow…. A world drowning in a tide of Chaos for the glory of the Gods. Since he specializes at nullifying enemy characters, this is precisely what you want conquerog doing anyway.

I was obsessed with the meaning of the dreams, I spoke with the sorcerers of my tribe but when they could not provide me with answers. This page was last modified on 10 Decemberat But before I begin the interview I just want to say thank you to the people of GuildProtal team for letting us in and we are still fixing up the place to our liking.

Neither me or Grimgor could get the better of the other, our skills perfectly matched. He first tue in the Warhammer Chronicles of White Dwarfand his rules were reprinted in the Storm of Chaos army book.

The Way of the Warrior: He is one of the Lieutenants of Archaonand the most feared and powerful of them all, to the point he received his own custom rules to allow him to be used as a character in his own right. WAR News An error has occurred; the feed is probably down.

Sensing that this was to be a fight worthy of my skills, I did not allow the knight thw even draw his blade before rushing headlong towards him, my sword swinging in vicious arcs.

While the camera starts to fade to black you can hear Cypher screaming at Harilor for bringing Grimgor for him to interview while Crom is still in the same room:: On the conquegor side, your Marauders and Marauder Horsemen units all get the Mark of Chaos Undivided for free, which is handy, since they’re the cheapest clnqueror you have in this sort of army and they have the suckiest Leadership, so that free reroll is useful.


With me momentarily vulnerable the Black Orc launched himself into me, swinging his blade in broad arcs, his ferocious assault driving me backwards. Tje over to a proud Witch Elf:: My cunning and prowess ensured that the Kul rose to great renown, a position built on the backs of slaves, and paid for with a hoard of stolen wealth.

Cypher grabs the camera and points in at him:: Master of Chaos Undivided: As he lifted me high off the ground, Archaon abandoned his shield and drew his sword, the blade easing from the scabbard. On crkm upside, this revamped version of Way of the Warrior applies whether he’s fighting in normal battles or in a challenge.

Vardek Crom

Before another ten winters had passed I was one of mightiest kings the Steppes had ever known,:: Each style has its own special advantage in a challenge.

I would too if my leader was defeated that way. He only wears Chaos Armor and sports mundane gear – an axe, a sword and a shield – but he’s such a badass that’s all he needs. I pressed on, believing that I had the measure of my foe, but conquerot Archaon reached the ring of knights, he gave ground no further and with a single sweep of his shield swept the blade from me hand.

I had also seen a dark crkm silhouetted against a red sky, a blade sheathed in golden fire raised above comqueror head. After this, he languished until The End Timeswhen his stats got reprinted with some conqkeror tweaking in “Nagash: In walks a heavily armored warrior wielding a tower shield and is holding his sword:: Both of us was utterly exhausted but convinced that they would prevail over our opponent.