julio 9, a pm . hola me entere apenas de esa saga vi el libro de despertar en una libreria,tngo interes en leerlos no sabia q habia otras para los que quieren saber hay varios libros de cronicas vampiricas. Isamlq. Mar 01, Isamlq rated it did not like it · review of another edition. If the show had not been made, if I had not read a ton of other vampire books, THE. en Hispanoamérica y Crónicas Vampíricas en España) es una serie de novelas Despertar (en inglés: The Awakening), es la primer novela de la serie. .. se trasladó a Covington, Georgia, después de terminar el episodio 1×01 ” Piloto”.

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Elena is somewhat pretentious in the beginning, but blossoms throughout the book.

The fact that Stefan could read minds also felt like it was just a Twilight knock-off, though if you asked me, I wouldn’t be able to tell dezpertar which book was published first. Aug 18, Tracey rated it it was ok Shelves: I’ll stick to Ian Somerhalder thank you And that is a pity, because I started to watch the series on TV and I actually liked it better. I suppose I am being a tad harsh especially considering vampiircas these books were first published in ? Este libro esta genial.


Hola, este libro y muchos mas lo pueden decargar de la pag: Less than 24 hrs later, she’s telling him she loves him. I am ashamed to admit it Elana fancies a boy, the boy Stefan is a vampire, she wants him, he is scared for her sake, they get together. Take the ribbon she left on the cemetery for example.

Elena Searching for the ultimate thrill, she vowed to have Stefan. They’re both YA, they’re both “scary romance,” they both have cheese, and they’re both slightly addictive.

The Awakeninges la primer novela de la serie.

Stefan realizes that Elena looks like Katherine, his former lover, and the reason he is a vampire. I’ve watched the tv show for quite a while, which I admit definitely colors my reception of the book.

Less of a review and more of me venting, sorry. If you vampieicas Twilight. It’sI’m 12 years old.

Stroube rated it really liked it Shelves: I read this series when I was about thirteen. The one boy doesn’t acknowledge crlnicas and she burst into tears and her world I destroyed.

[PDF] DESPERTAR – CRONICAS VAMPIRICAS 1 (Spanish Edition) Full Colection – video dailymotion

Is this book better or worse than the TV show? But I could not get past the first few chapters. Well, I didn’t like this book. Some whistled, some stopped to talk, some just stared, and that had always been fine with Elena.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I know it’s unfair to compare the two, since they are in different media and vampiriicas plots are vastly different, as well yes, I admit to looking up the plot summaries of the books, since I couldn’t stand to read them myself.


Hot, brooding… bla bla bla.

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Apr 11, Kim M rated it it was ok Shelves: She stood up and angrily thrust her arms into desprrtar red silk kimono. It’s gotta keep you hooked from the very beginning till the very end! The Furyes la tercera novela de la serie. Why are the evil ones always so yummy? Apr 15, Anne rated it did not like it Vamporicas Okay, here’s my problem: Stuff happens, blah blah blah, after some angst, they finally get together.

I really did not like how she seemed to feel herself entitled i. See all 18 questions about The Sespertar. I’d give the TV series 4 stars, but this book is among the most worthless I have ever read. I find this little paperback that promises deadly love. Aun no he leido el libro pero lo voi a leer y espero que este bien.