Crystallizing Public Opinion has ratings and 22 reviews. Gerry said: Simply a fascinating read – not only educational but reflective of an America ne. Crystallizing Public Opinion is a book written by Edward Bernays and published in . Larry Tye, The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays and the Birth of Public Relations; New York: Crown, ; ISBN ; pp. 96– CRYSTALLIZING. PUBLIC OPINION by. EDWARD L. BERNAYS. Counsel on Public Relations. Former Lecturer on Public Relations. andAdjunct Professor.

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Undoubtedly this is due, in some measure, to the fact that the pro- fession is a new one. However, there was little oppor- tunity for this kind of activity on the new Ameri- can frontier. Scientists have lost their lives through refusing to see flaws in their theories.

Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward L. Bernays

With the growth of the social sciences, research has been expanded in the last decade and a half. Pamphlets put out by the Hohenstauffens Ger- man emperors of the 12th, and 13th, centuries began to be employed against Rome itself.

Agitation for and against the War of demonstrated that propaganda could play an im- portant role in the new country. Specialized fields such as education. The public relations consultant is ideally a con- structive force in the community.

The resultant responses confirmed the public relations counsel’s publi. In the 19th Century scholars focused attention on the study of public opinion in France, England and Germany.

People’s minds have “logic-proof compartments” which must be approached by means beyond the rational. Retrospective look into the origin of public relations as a discipline with a lot of historical contrasts.


Large industrial groups, in their associations, have assigned a definite place to public relations bureaus. Indeed, it is probably true that the very men who are themselves engaged in the profession are as little ready or able to define their work as is the general public itself.

This was followed’ by Gabriel Tarde inwho wrote about the public and the crowd, trying to distinguish be- tween them.

Crystallizing Public Opinion

Trot- ter, 1 “at the outset that these beliefs are invaria- bly regarded as rational and defended as such, while the position of one who holds contrary views is held to be obviously unreasonable. After that there are the instruments by which he broadcasts facts and ideas to the public; advertising, motion pictures, circular letters, booklets, handbills, speeches, meetings, parades, news articles, magazine ar- ticles and whatever other mediums there are through which public crystallizijg is reached and influenced.

Renaissance leaders paid close attention to the -public point of view. The professional practice of public relations varies.

In reality, “the only difference between ‘propaganda’ and ‘education,’ really, is in the point of view. He had an exhaustive study made of every conceivable aspect of the problem of Lithuania from its remote and recent history and ethnic oH sns to its present-day marriage customs and its popular recreations.

Specially printed in connection The NELA, now the Edison Electric Insti- tute, after having been attacked for its propa- ganda, limited itself to facts and figures about the industry l.bernayw reflect important public acceptance of electricity.

Propaganda, in its worst sense, continued to be equated by the opiion with publicity and public re- lations.

Thirty-seven volun- tary associations of professional public relations practitioners in 24 countries, including the United States, evidence this diffusion. He will crytallizing fairly settled views upon the origin and nature of the universe, and upon what he will probably call its meaning; he will have conclusions as to what is to happen to him at death and after, as to what is and what should be the basis of conduct. Dust jacket now preserved in glossy new archival-grade Brodart cover.


An example of how it affected attitudes and ac- tions was furnished by a statement made’ by Samuel Untermeyer, in This period developed a reaction against the excesses of business being carried on by “the rob- ber barons,” as ; Matthew Josephson described them. Mass meetings were held in different cities; petitions were drawn, signed and pre- sented; pilgrims j made lbernays upon Senate and House of Representatives Committees. Concerted action on a subject which was as much in the public mind as the bj ment of ex-service men was particularly interest- ing.

Elmer Davis jheaded the Office of War Information.

Crystallizing Public Opinion – Wikipedia

The crowd unconsciously identifies its members with one or the other competitor. Crystallizing Public Opinion is about the art and science of Public Relations. Do things out of the normal routine to get coverage. edwatd

The Eclair to-day crystaplizing on the new premier to ‘find his own Lord Riddell in the French diplomatic and parlia- mentary world, who can give the world the French interpretation.